tankless water heater hot water problems

  1. J

    NR-240A-NG // Low pressure output, not heating, Error Code 38E

    Good Day Experts, I am experiencing low flow and cold water from my NR-240A-NG tankless water heater. I have cleaned the air intake filter (light skim of dust/derbis), drained the water heater, cleaned the cold water inlet filter (it is now somewhat broken/screen in pieces), dirt/mud trap...
  2. L

    Low water pressure after a freeze

    Hi all, I have a Nevian NPE-240A NG with a recirculating line. We recently had a freeze and despite turning my water off and draining my pipes and water heater the plastic part of the pump housing cracked in the water heater. I replaced the pump and everything is working well except my water...
  3. Terry

    Feeling stupid, my tankless water heater turns cold when I'm in the shower

    Tankless water heaters are fairly new to us, and we're just starting to find out the funny little tricks they play on us. The favorite one is water turning cold while in the shower. That like never happens with a standard vented tank water heater. The tankless is different though. For starters...
  4. Rick Price

    Tankless Heater - hot water delay

    I have a TWH locates in the garage. The laundry room is one the other side of the wall and hot water is almost instantaneous to the faucet. Master bath is about 20’ run and it takes 30-45 seconds to get hot water. Two bathrooms are on the other side of the house, approximately 60-70’ run. These...
  5. Astroguy

    Tankless Water Heater Sometimes Loses Hot Water for 1-2 Min

    Hi everyone! I have a Takagi tankless water heater. Occasionally (especially now that it has turned warmer) I will notice the water turning suddenly cold in our bathroom faucet. This normally happens after 10 min or so of water running, but not every day. If I turn the other bathroom...
  6. John41

    Navien NP series tankless water heating time

    We put in a Navien NPE series tankless water heater a while ago. It seems to take forever for warm water to reach our bathroom about 47 feet from heater. It has a buffer and recirculating pump. We called the service dept. yesterday and he led us through a reset of dipswitches because apparently...
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