single handle faucet

  1. Gui13

    Trying to change cartridge in single handle tub/shower

    Hi everyone, Homeowner in distress here. I have two questions: I am trying to remove the cartridge that is stuck in the handle (see picture). How can I remove it without breaking it? How can I find a new handle that would be compatible with this particular type of cartridge? I am trying to keep...
  2. DEDon

    Moen Positemp single handle shower cartridges - waste of money

    I'm retired, and have a good aptitude for repairing things around the house but, Enough IS Enough. Yeah, I'm a bit frustrated- having to deal with this shower valve, AGAIN. I've decided to do what I should have done, years ago- post a question about a troublesome shower valve/cartridge...
  3. JoeMama

    Bathtub faucet leaking

    Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I have a problem with my bathtub faucet, which is not marked with a brand name. My Homer Simpson philosophy of ignoring a slow drip (every five to ten seconds) brings us to the present, where the drip is now constant (perhaps 2-4 gallons a day). After researching the...
  4. elle

    Lukewarm cold me solve the mystery!

    As the title indicates, our cold water from ALL faucets starts out cold and within 20-30 seconds turns luke warm. This phenomenon started a month or so ago after a visit from a plumber. The plumber did the following: 1) Replaced a kitchen faucet with a Moen single handle 2) Replaced our washing...
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