shower and tub

  1. K

    Looking to replace an old Pegasus 1000 Series Shower. What are my options?

    Hi there, I am looking to replace an old Pegasus 1000 Series Shower (813-936G) that includes Tub spout W/O diverter, Shower valve with Diverter, and Trim. I am not the original homeowner. Through contacting Danze/Globe Union, I was able to find out the brand and model of this shower and even was...
  2. J

    Need help identifying shower valve set

    Hi, I have the shower faucet as shown in the picture. The diverter valve is broken and the shower valve is loose. I would like to replace the whole set. The shower valve, faucet, tub spout and shower head. The brand is not mentioned anywhere in the faucet. I've been trying to find a brand...
  3. D

    DIY Master Bathroom retrofit plumbing & vent stack

    Hi All - new to the page and this site is fantastic! Thank you to everyone for you help and guidance. I'm remodelling my master bathroom on the 2nd floor of my house and when I had demo'd everything came across what looks like a wild setup. There was a shower / pony wall combo and then alcove...
  4. R

    Help identifying the right cartridge

    Hi - trying to fix a leaking shower/tub faucet. It's a Valley faucet circa 1994 (pretty sure it's from when house was built). Any help id'ing the right cartridge would be appreciated. Thanks RAQ
  5. TheRealDanno

    Old Moentrol valve. Can I replace old handle kit with a new Moen shower faucet?

    I have an older Moen shower kit. It’s a Legend series on a Moentrol valve. It uses a 1225 cartridge. I noticed the new shower handles Moen sell for their latest Moentrol valves now use a different cartridge - something called M-Pact cartridges which don’t look like the old 1225 at all. My...
  6. Shannon

    Replacing tub with standing shower

    Hello, I am looking to replace my tub with a standing shower. I have a couple of questions. Can I replace the 30" wide tub with a 32" wide shower pan, or will this cause issues with the drain lining up? How complicated might the drain be to move? Also, is there a problem with having the drain...
  7. TheFloyds

    Anything compatible with AquaSource?

    We're updating a guest bathroom, and the current shower/tub faucet is AquaSource. Not knowing anything about plumbing, I purchased a Delta faucet, but our plumber told us it wasn't compatible unless we want to cut a hole in the wall to replace the rough-in kit. (We don't want to do that.) The...
  8. Rebecca Huss

    Reduced hot water flow in Moen single push/pull knob tub & shower

    Hello, Hoping someone can lend some advice. We just bought an older house - built in 1975. There is a single handle push/pull Moen tub/shower combo in the master bath. The sink (which is close to the plumbing for the shower, runs beautifully). When the knob is turned to the hot water side...
  9. NTM

    Brass vs Plastic PEX B fittings

    I am installing a shower using PEX B with copper crimp rings. I need to use a 90 degree elbows for my hot and cold PEX lines to reach the mixing valve without kinking them. Should I use plastic or brass PEX fittings? Cost is not an issue, I'm just looking for the most reliable option because I...
  10. Lucky138

    Universal Rundle 412538, Manufacturer of 3 handled shower faucet,

    The faucet constantly drips, and I want to fix it but cant find out the Manufacturer.
  11. Neil.Steiner

    Tub spout still drips after valve + seat replacement

    An older 3-handle shower of mine developed a problem where even when the faucets are turned off, the spout would still drip a little, and I had to turn the faucets really tight to get the dripping to stop. My wife tells me the problem is mostly with the hot water faucet. I hired a plumber for...
  12. -Bri

    Tub drain replacement rubber ring

    When replacing the drain on a bathtub, should there be space between the rubber gasket on top of the PVC and the bottom of the tub?
  13. aprilmedusa

    Kohler Shower Diverter Replaced and Water is Still Draining from Shower and Spout.

    I have a Kohler 3 way in wall shower diverter that pulls out for shower, push in for spout. When you would pull out for the shower it was draining water from the faucet and the shower attachment. I replaced the shower diverter (the hot and cold stems had recently been changed also). This did...
  14. francoisg

    Replacing a Tub by a Shower in a Condo

    Hi, Apologies if the questions sound simple, but I haven't been able to find an answer after looking online (on this forum and google). We've been renovating our condo (built in the 80s), one bathroom at a time. We first started with the master bathroom and all was pretty straight-forward, we...
  15. Jasleen Kahlon

    Danze Shower handle, Delta RP90

    Recently, the crystal knob on my shower handle broke off and we cant seem to find a replacement. Its not one that turns left or right but more 360 degrees. I have attached pictures of the shower handle and hope someone can recommend a knob or lever that can attach to it. Thank you!
  16. Ed Rogers

    Drain vs Joist! Help needed!

    We see this is a common issue on quite a few posts however ours is unique: Our new install of a prefab shower pan has the drain coming dead center of a joist. Today we spent 8 hours (literally) searching for answers. We found boxing and sistering and understand them all however if you take a...
  17. Candace

    Need advice- shower leaking outside of tub

    Hello, need some advice on how to look for the source of a leak around our bathtub. We have a tub/shower with surround walls. There is a small section of drywall on either side of the bathtub and the drywall on the same side as the shower head and nozzles has water damage. We at first thought it...
  18. rhbiz123

    Tub Diverter Parts Assembly

    Hi, Can anyone shed light on how these parts go together? I took it to a supply store to get new o rings, but the guy didn't put it together correctly. Thanks Robert.
  19. Alan Lenny

    Unsecured shower

    Hello, A couple of years ago we had back to back plumbing done for bathrooms with showers installed on the second floor. This is part of a long remodel project and this year we were able to install walls, tile and install the fixtures. There is a leak with the shower and the plumber today...
  20. Peter Dim

    Crooked Valve - How Did This Happen??

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