sewer back up

  1. Shane

    Sewer back up

    I am trying to help sort out a sewer issue in a renovation project. The pictures show the general layout. Working left to right, (2) water closets/sinks enter the double wye which was later changed to the second picture to try and alleviate the problem. The next double wye picks up a shower...
  2. Rogerio

    Urgent help needed - Descale cast iron main line

    I live in a 60 year old home and i am having problems with main/sewer line (cast iron) back up. I had a camera inspection done and there is a lot of scale build up. The total line is about 70 feet. My plumber recommended descaling using a picote machine which seems to be a good advice. Problem...
  3. RapaNui

    Downstairs Toilet Bubble Explosion, Floor Drain Overflows -No Apparent Clog in Plumbing or Vent Pipe

    Hi all, This past Summer we purchased our first house, a split-level from the 1960's. With this purchase we had the sewer line inspected by camera and cleaned a couple months after we moved in. Since we've had the house, the basement toilet splashes when upstairs toilet is flushed. These...
  4. HomeownerJanet

    "floaters in the shower"

    I had a plumber come out and clean out my sewer main and said that he checked (and cleaned out) the toilets, tubs, showers and sinks in both bathrooms in my one story 1941 house. About two month later (about a week ago) I had him return because the garage sink and washing machine, which is on...
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