sand point

  1. Urban Sugarmaker

    Sandpoint well has water but I can’t pump it up

    I just installed a new 1-1/4” sand point well. I’m currently at about 20 feet down. It’s all sand to about 19 feet and then it feels like gravel. I can feel it if I turn the pipe with a pipe wrench. I initially drilled a pilot hole with 1” pvc pipe and a water pump. Worked fantastically until I...
  2. Stevmue

    Reuse existing sand point, drive pipe and fittings

    I have a sand point with low flow. I intend to pull it and am wondering if I ought to purchase new drive pipe, fittings and sand point or if reusing parts is okay. I read other posts about reusing parts. I'm wondering if there are things to check or look for on the pieces to help decide on reuse...
  3. wer83

    Sand Point installation question

    Good day all, longtime listener, first time caller. I live in north central Florida and I have been wanting to wash down my own shallow well for some time to use as irrigation (and also in case of emergency during severe weather for toilet flushing, etc.). Anyway, I've read a number of...
  4. Gary Pugh

    Coastal Sand Point

    I live a five hundred feet from the ocean on the coast of MA. I have a sand well point I just installed for irrigation. 1 1/4 point and pipe. 3/4 HP pump and tank. I dug down in my crawl space about two feet and hit the water/sand level. I drove the point down about six feet from there. So the...
  5. ApoJake

    Sand in my Sandpoint Well water

    Hi! I purchased a house that has a sandpoint well installed in ~1990. This is a direct driven point well (no casing) that is a 2" steel pipe that is only used for an underground irrigation system. When I did the washer-on-a-string method, I measured a depth of 23 feet until I hit the bottom so...
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