roof penetration

  1. Mitch Sutherland

    B VENT Install For Water Heater

    I am installing a 3 inch B vent for a water heater. I am 31 inches from the ridge vent. I have a 5-12 roof pitch. I read the code stating must be 2 feet taller than any 10 foot horizontal structure. Does this include the roof? To be 2 feet taller than the ridge vent/peak I would be nearly 3.5...
  2. TheOverThinker

    Solid ABS ASTM D-2661 for use above the roofline for DWV vents?

    In my area I can only find ASTM F-628 Foam core pipe, not ASTM D-2661 solid ABS pipe. Given that, what material can I use for roof penetrations, that will hold up in the sun? I see a lot of roofs with ASTM F-628 foam core pipe vents, where after a few years the vent look chalky and sun damaged...
  3. TheOverThinker

    How to secure drain waste stack that must extend 3' above roof?

    I need to move a 1.5" galvanized waste stack to avoid a solar panel. There's a skylight nearby, so the new stack will have to meet California code, and terminate nearly 3' above the roof. How can I secure that vertical section, so no future roofer holds on to it, and sees it bend or break off...
  4. TheOverThinker

    How can I tell if a roof drain waste vent is no longer connected below?

    I have a 1.5" galvanized plumbing vent that comes up out of a wall.... yet there's nothing obviously below it. The other vents all match up to fixtures below... this one not so much. This is a 1926 home, two story, stucco, lathe and plaster. How can I determine where it goes, and if it's...
  5. VikkiP

    Venting kitchen sink and dishwasher

    I am working on a 1950 bungalow. It was built with two vented DWV stacks...main stack supports bathtub with shower, toilet, and lav. It's 3" CI and goes underfloor. On the way back to the sewer main, there is a 2" CI hub fitted with a 1 1/2" galv drain. Originally, the galv drain ran up to...
  6. pls2000

    Securing conduit for roof penetration

    I need to redo a badly done roof penetration for an air conditioner. Since there is an existing penetration, there will be very little rewiring needed. I'm intending to install a vertical piece of 3/4 or 1" EMT secured to a roof joist. Put a service junction box on the top to transition to...
  7. pls2000

    Flex conduit through roof

    I'm in the process of replacing my roof mounted air conditioner. I just discovered the that original installer (for a previous owner) ran flex conduit through the roof to provide power. What the did was to punch a hold in the roof, drag the conduit through it, and slather roofing tar over the...
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