resin tank

  1. Khmchitown

    Water still not conditioned

    I put a new Fleck 5600 head on my tank, rebedded it with new resin, and added new salt in the brine tank. I ran through all the cycles to confirm water was flowing in and out of both tanks (even put a flashlight behind the resin tank to see the resin moving during backwash). Yet after a...
  2. OtherFWord

    Help Selecting Water Softener System

    I am looking to replace my gold series Culligan with something else. I am leaning towards Fleck but open to other options. Culligan came out and recommended to replace my current with an HE1 10". The pricing was just outrageous. I have been looking at the Fleck 5600SXT, 5810SXT and the 5810...
  3. BrettC

    Generic Resin Tank with a Culligan Control Head

    I have a Culligan Gold Series Water Softener system. My resin tank (9x48) was leaking and I bought a generic replacement. Of course, the resin tank adapter/coupler (which sits between the tank and the control head) has a different thread size (propriety to Culligan) than the generic tank...
  4. William Raub

    Brine tank up, resin tank down???

    Apologies if this is answered somewhere, but couple quick searches didn't find it and contacting Pentair (Fleck) was a waste of my time. We're replacing a 1980's vintage softener and I would really, REALLY, like to locate the resin tank in our crawl space (about 5' of head room at the point of...
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