1. Krikkitdidit

    Can y'all help fix stupid?

    I apologize in advance for my: babbling, crappy pix, complete lack of correct terminology and inability to comprehend basic plumbing principles!!! I will NEVER apologize for my independence, refusal to be ripped off ever again, or for the fact that I TRIED and sometimes I even sorta succeeded! I...
  2. JTinKS

    Water pressure issues

    My wife and I purchased a home in rural KS in 2018 we noticed very quickly that if we were running the washer or dishwasher that there was almost no water pressure to any faucets or showers. Fast forward to now Jan. of 2020 we are remodeling the entire house and wanted to see what we could do to...
  3. Leonard W. Mendoza

    Seepage Issue

    Hello everyone! I 'm having a seepage issue on my bathroom and the water is running out of my bathroom ceiling. Any help would be helpful. Well I was thinking to remodel my bathroom. Will it help to get rid of the seepage. Any help would be appreciated!
  4. Shahid Nigro

    1955 Standard Compton " Please Identify This Toilet

    Greetings, all! I need to replace a toilet tank lid but I don't have the old one so I don't have a part number. I've posted some pics of the only part numbers or brands listed on the rest of the toilet, but I still cannot identify the model number or find the part number for the replacement...
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