pvc pipe

  1. ygDIY

    Bad Pipe Design under Kitchen Sink?

    Hi all, my kitchen sink always gets clogged, I think the pipe design is not good, unless there is some unobvious reason behind the current design. Please see the attached pictures. View from left of the disposal: View from right of the disposal: Do you think this is a reasonable design, or a...
  2. Chiperific

    What would you call this PVC "loop" / "horseshoe" thing?

    Hi, turning to the pros for help finding a good descriptive name for this 1/2-inch PVC horse-shoe-like fixture. This is a 3-stage water filter that my organization developed for use in rural communities in the developing world. It's made from common PVC components, two 5 gallon buckets, and a...
  3. cub412

    Broke my Mom's tub faucet...help please

    I was going to change out my Mom's tub faucet today because the diverter wasn't working well. House is 42 years old, plastic pipes. Sorry I don't know if it's CPVC or the other one. No set screw on the faucet. As you can probably guess when I tried to unscrew it, I ended up snapping the CPVC...
  4. GregoryHP

    Drip leak between PVC storm drain pipe and cement roof/ceiling

    Hello – I’m a DIY homeowner (recently renovated 1895 row house in DC) and struggling with a small leak in my garage (brick walls, cement ceiling with a patio on top/roof). The patio on the roof has a storm drain connected to a PVC pipe that goes through the roof of the garage and carries...
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