1. Chris J

    Pool light tripping GFCI breaker

    Does a GFCI circuit breaker trip from "only" a burned-out pool bulb? Or is the breaker-tripping a definite sign of a more serious ground-fault issue? Our in-ground pool main light worked for years. It burned out once and I replaced it successfully, worked for about 1 more year. We let it sit...
  2. pickerel

    Gas line sizing assistance - new pool heater

    Good evening, I am respectfully requesting assistance in the sizing of a gas line for a pool heater. My local inspector will allow me to install the line on my own and once I get a licensed gas fitter to connect to the mainline, they would inspect everything. – hence the question to the experts...
  3. Michael2k

    Unused deep well to fill pool?

    I need 18,000 gallons of water to fill my pool. The well that services my home cannot support this demand. We have a never-used deep well (321') on the property that has water in it. This well is approx 200' from the pool. Is there a pump that can be used for this application? Any suggestions?
  4. Dave DB

    Solar Pool Water Heater for Pool with Chlorine - How to

    Hi all, So I want to put up a Solar Pool Water Heater for a Chlorine Pool. I want to start off super simple and then develop this into a better system as time goes on. To start off, I simply want to put the piping right onto the Garage Roof. All the filter and pool pump mechanics are already...
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