plumbers putty

  1. Isaac H

    Small ring of water sitting around tub

    So I am in the process of installing my claw foot tub. I have installed the drain and it is not leaking. However, because of the nature of it being an old tub, there is a small ring of water around the tub drain. This is purely because of the deep slope of the drain area and the lack of a...
  2. agrippina

    ABS overflow shoe and Plumbers Putty

    Hello, I am planning to replace a tub overflow shoe (ABS) and to install a new one. I am thinking about of using plumbers putty to seal the tub drain but a small amount of putty will get between the drain's threads and shoe's threads. As a result, some putty will get in a contact with ABS...
  3. sandyjb

    Plumbers putty or rubber gasket under sink flange (stainless steel sink)?

    The manufacturer of the new Garbage Disposal we are installing in a couple days says IF you have a stainless steel sink do not use plumber putty under the sink flange when installing, use the rubber gasket they provide instead. Well, I understand they are the manufacturer, but I am more...
  4. Travis Warren

    Help with tubs that are backing up.

    Why are my bathtubs filling up with water when I flush my toilets and drain my kitchen sink?
  5. Kail

    Silicone Vs Plumbers Putty

    I have been plumbing the house I'm trying to build and I'm almost done with rough-in and starting to second guess myself before the walls get covered up. For my shower and tub drain I used a high grade silicone to set the drain assembly instead of plumbers putty. Is this OK? It seems like people...
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