1. Amore

    Need to locate valve stems for these faucets

    I believe that these faucets are from pre-1994 era and I need to replace the valve stem. So far, I'm leaning towards Pfister, but not sure... Also, when looking at the underside of the counter, I see that the valve body is very large and I'm wondering if I need to replace everything or if the...
  2. evanrw

    Need help with removing a Pfister shower handle that has no set screw

    Hi I am trying to figure out how to remove a pfister shower handle that does not have any screws on it. I thought maybe the cap could be removed by rotating but i tried twisting and it wouldn’t budge. Not sure if I need to use some other tools to loosen? Please help. Any assistance or...
  3. Matt Biringer

    Replacement faucet handle help

    Cracked my ceramic handle on a price Pfister handle. It doesn't look universal, what kind should I be looking for? I cannot seem to find the exact one online as it was discontinued by manufacturer. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. punkiister

    Pfister, Too Hot or Too Cold Water in Shower Panel

    Hello, My bathroom has a Pfister shower panel model # 016-700SP. I have replaced the temperature and diverter part # 974-251A. Since i have installed the new part the water only flowing at extreme temperature either its too hot or too cold. Its not mixing at all. I took out the handle and...
  5. lottia

    ID Price Pfister kitchen faucet

    This kitchen faucet needs O-rings. I contacted Price-Pfister, who told me it is a 34 Genesis. Unfortunately, the exploded parts diagram does not match this faucet. Also, the part number they gave me for the O-rings (950-9100) includes only two rings, but mine has three. This is a well-made...
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