1. flynmoose

    Fleck 5800 Piston rod replacement

    Hey Fleck-heads, Some neighbors and I did a group buy a few years ago from one of our friends here on the board. Fleck 5800 valves over twin stacked tanks with Katlox/Ferrilite for low iron/manganese. Units have been working great. Since I did the research, comparison, ordering, and plumber...

    american plumbing partsmaster

    Here is a great place i found to get parts all kinds cheep and great quality or email photos to .. they ship fast and also have the hard to find items .. there is a guy named Steve M and Jeremy .. There Awesome and know there stuff here is...
  3. Jordan_T

    Water line to garage repair

    Hi all, Looking for a little help with a water line repair. It runs from the back of the house to the garage. Was an old leaky steel or cast iron pipe from the 70's, I couldn't tell through the rust so removed the whole thing. First question: Any reason I shouldn't use an apollo pex to...
  4. enorton15

    Cant find the right parts.

    Hi there, I have been struggling to find the right flush handle replacement for my toilet. It's different than any flushing mechanism that I have seen. instead of having a water pressure valve, when you take off the lid it has a bucket that fills with water and when flushed the bucket flips over...
  5. KC27

    Delta Kitchen Faucet Spout Question

    I have a Delta two handle faucet, #2276, with spray that was purchased and installed in 1997. I recently removed the spout to flush the faucet, and when I did, a plastic insert came out of the base of the spout. It looks like a portion of the plastic insert has broken off and is missing. I have...
  6. antonyupward

    NTI T200 - Anyone Have Replacement Parts Availability - Long Shot

    Hi, I have a NTI Trinity T200 Combi boiler installed 2003 and maintained consistently since then. I've been happy with its performance and economy, although I have also had a fair number of (relatively minor) issues with it - but I'm told these are "normal" (pump failure, igniters failing...
  7. Gruncle

    Moen Temperature Override Kit

    I recently installed a Moen ExactTemp Valve in my shower, along with a Moen trim kit. The valve works fine, but I have a part leftover that I am hesitant to install, since I don't understand what it is for. There is a red plastic threaded plug labelled "override screw" and a small packet of...
  8. Dandgann

    Culligan Mark 59 started continuous flow to drain

    I just repaired this unit 3 or 4 months ago. Now a new issue has arisen. After a recent recharge cycle there is a constant trickle into the discharge drain (I've had to bypass it to conserve water). Either a valve diaphragm has perforated or some check valve or gasket has given up. I found a...
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