outdoor facuet

  1. G

    Help identifying my outdoor faucet

    Hello, I saw that someone was able to identify an old faucet. The markings are USA on one side and 98A on the other. I’m hoping to find a replacement stem and valve assembly for this Faucet because it’s going to be very difficult to replace the entire faucet due to the construction and where...
  2. Higgledy

    Replacing hose bib or outdoor faucet

    I need to replace the outdoor faucet, it leaks. It is mounted against aluminum siding. I'd like to find something better to mount the new faucet to, but I am not willing to cut my siding. Are there any products that will provide a flat(er) surface for the faucet and accommodate the slope of the...
  3. JJ44

    Warm water outdoor faucet.

    I'm installing an outdoor faucet that I will use for showing and dog-washing. While it would be nice to be able to control hot/cold from outside, I couldn't find any HOT / COLD faucet options that also did auto-draining (even w/ hose attached), so I've settled on just using a single-knob...
  4. ropese

    Winterizing outdoor faucet

    Hi all, normally to “winterize” the outdoor faucet I just make sure the faucet knob is in the off position and then I disconnect and pack up the garden hose. I then put one of those insulated faucet covers on. We just recently replaced our heating /water system and so I decided to “winterize”...
  5. rx2waveplumb

    What are the possible issues with outdoor faucets contaminating indoor water supply?

    I'm new to plumbing as new homeowner and so have I been performing some simple plumbing and found that it's kind of fun. I love to learn and I was reading up on outdoor faucets and the design of frost free anti-siphon outdoor faucets and the reasons for the anti-siphon mechanism which is to...
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