1. Sonny goldstone

    Tankless w recirculating pump not getting hot instantly as it’s supposed to

    Hello all! Since we don’t have a dedicated recirculating line, we’re using a crossover kit in the farthest kitchen fixture to make use of our recirculating pump. Our heater is a Noritz NRCR111 The idea is to get instant hot water at the tap w the crossover installed...mine gets instantly...
  2. Chuck

    Radiant floor from off the grid to on the grid, help with changes

    Howdy folks, new DIYer here from northern NM. This is a great forum that I have been watching for years, now I need a little advice. I have an adobe home that is currently off the grid and has been since 1999. I am bringing in power to make it a grid-tie system. Being off the grid, I have a...
  3. Lifespeed

    Minimum flow needed to light has increased, Noritz NRC1111-DVNG

    I installed a Noritz NRC1111-DVNG in 2012 along with a larger gas regulator, 1-1/8" gas trunk line feeding a 1" branch line, and 1" copper water supply along with a Readytemp external recirculator pump and controller. A backwashing carbon filter followed by water softener (both Fleck 7000SXT)...
  4. LukePDX

    Pressure loss curves

    Nortiz publishes pressure loss curves for their products. I'm trying to understand the practical implications of this. For example, Page/Spec Sheet/NRCP SPEC.pdf&field=SpecSheet. For the most part there appears to be a somewhat nonlinear...
  5. LukePDX

    Any experience with the Noritz EZ111DVNG (GQ-C3259WX-FF US NG)?

    About to embark on complete remodel of 2 bathrooms stacked on top of each other. Winter cold inlet temperatures in Portland are reported as 38 degree minimum, so I'm looking at 80-ish degree dT in the worst case. I need to run either two 2.5GPM concurrent showers or fill a 60-90 gallon tub...
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