navien 240a

  1. L

    navien npe 240A Not circulating. Tested and replaced multiple parts. But still nothing.

    Hi, I have an navien npe 240A on city water, with a recirculating line. It went through a freeze back in early 2023. I replaced the pump because it was cracked. Ever since then the water in the house takes a long time to heat up and the water pressure seems low. I recently got fed up with this...
  2. N

    Navien npe-240a2 mostly only making luke warm water

    Navien npe 249a2 installed in January 2023 and working fine until three weeks ago. Upon request for hot water, flow rate only reads 0.5 gpm even though actual flow is more like 3-4. Hot temp out is only a temp rise of about 5 degrees (75deg f). No error codes. Sometimes upon hot water request...
  3. BetaNavien

    Recirculating water heater takes 15+ secs to get hot water

    We went through a major remodel where a lot of walls came down, plumbing was redone in multiple locations, new PEX was run almost everywhere. We asked for recirculation for instant hot water and have a recirculating water heater Navian npe-240a2. Shower is about 30 feet from the water heater...
  4. Ed Boston

    Navien NPE-240A Recirculation Question

    Hi all, we had a Navien NPE-240A installed in 2014, and have been happy with it. We did have a weird issue with water temperature being colder than expected occasionally, but it always went away. This year we switched to a new servicer who told us it had been installed wrong and was set to...
  5. BabaCharles

    Navien NPE-240A condensate drain leak

    I bought a home a few months ago that had a Navien tankless water heater installed in 2019. Yesterday I noticed lots of water coming out of the condensate drain. The floor beneath the unit was a little wet too but whatever caused that bit of moisture has seemed to have stopped. But the water...
  6. Mike_90503

    Navien NPE-240A Water Temperature Problem

    Hello, I checked through this forum, but couldn't find anything that seemed to address my problem. Here are the details of my issue, what I have done to address it, and finally, my questions. Water heater details: Navien NPE-240A Installed December 2013 External re-circulation loop installed...
  7. TxInjun

    Navien Tankless Heater - DIY Fail

    Hello fellow helpers, My house has a Navien NPE-240A that came installed new (in the basement) when we bought this renovated house just over 5 years ago. The unit has external recirculation enabled to the kitchen faucet on the 1st floor. Bedrooms and baths are on the 2nd floor, upstairs. We...
  8. Dradam

    Navien NPE240A- Navilink,Navilink App, Recirculation settings And Parameters

    Navien NPE 240A— Navilink recirculation—some customer insights. I have had The Navien NPE240A for about two years now and the unit has worked flawlessly, but it has taken me a while to get my recirculation settings working and recirculation parameters dialed in. I thought I would share here...
  9. guido

    [SOLVED] Can't raise temp above 110 on Navien 240a

    My wife took a shower in the bathroom right next to our tankless, and the handle is broken or something, she was screaming because of scalding water. So I run and turn down the tankless temp from 118 to 100. Afterwards I want to turn it back, but it sticks at 110. I figured some safety feature...
  10. DVR

    Navien cr-240A water heater problem

    Hey guys, So moved into a house about 3 weeks ago that has one of these and the first week was great. Second week the cr240a started to leak. Some inspection revealed that the thermistor wire had come loose, so I replaced that whole part. Ever since then I've had issues with getting hot water...
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