1. JoeThomas

    PVC/Metal Pipe Weight Capacity

    My daughter is in ballet, and we were going to make Do your own (DIY) Ballet Barre. Also my 10 year old son wants to do pull ups (or just hang his weight, he's around 100 pounds). Just curious what is the weight capacity, if someone were to hang on this DIY ballet barre, before I start making...
  2. LDX

    Proper metal connector for washer hose brass vs stainless

    Hello, Hope someone can assist. I am replacing my washer and dryer including the hoses. Have to connect two 6' hoses to supply water for my steam dryer too. Bought two sets of the (apparently) best stainless braid coated with pvc hoses I could find...
  3. Terry

    Iron Dragon, a Seattle 80's hair metal band.

    Iron Dragon with band members: Kip Camaro - Guitars/Vox Rod Steel - Bass/Vox Ray Ray Rockitt - Keys/Vox Chase N' Tail - Drums A premier 80's hair metal band in the Seattle area.
  4. NotQualifiedAtAll

    Slip connection popped out.

    Firstly this is not my bathroom. Secondly.. How do I fix this so the shower head pipe doesn't pop out under the pressure when the water is turned on? It doesn't leak, as long as it stays in. It's a claw foot tub, and the smooth pipe leads up to the shower head. Unfortunately there are no...
  5. Loneriver

    Attaching new PVC drainpipe to copper stub out

    I just removed an old bathroom vanity, sink, and plumbing back to the wall in a house built in 1964. The existing connection from the wall was a brass piece that threaded into the stubout. The existing drainpipe was chrome and was sweated in to the brass piece. I am not going to sweat any new...
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