1. dwhightowe

    Phister Avante, Need to identify this shower valve

    I need to get the knob off this shower valve so I can tighten it up. The valve itself is tight and works well, it is only the knob that is loose, but I can't see a way to remove it. There is no brand identification anywhere on it. Nor are there any screws or other fasteners visible. If I...
  2. ejsarge

    Danze, Special tool to remove single handle mixer cartridge cover?

    Underneath the shower handle I've found this interesting design where there's a cover or shroud encapsulating the cartridge. The threading on it is interesting: the threading isn't required for the handle and there are two flat areas near the end. I'm guessing there's a special tool I should use...
  3. Yippydadada

    Can you help ID these pipes?

    Looking to purchase a home. Basement has rough-in plumbing but no labels. Can you help me identify pipes?Toilet is obvious, it seems two lower pipes (in photo) would be for venting. What really has me confused is why one pipe is different then the others, (on the left, capped and glued with...
  4. JHL

    1950's Vintage Shower Valve Identification and DIY Removal Tips

    Greetings everyone. I have a house originally constructed in the 1950's in Southern California. There is a shower valve that is leaking out the stem that I want to replace. I am fairly handy and want to tackle this myself. After reviewing available replacement valves at the local Ace store I...
  5. Tommy12561

    Kitchen Faucet Identification

    Hi, I'm trying to identify the model/manufacturer of my kitchen faucet for replacement parts. There are no logos/marks on the outside that I can find. There is also no identifying sticker attached to the cold water line. Pictures below. Thanks in advance, Tom
  6. Viz

    Identify leaking braided supply line

    Hi all, I have a braided supply line that is leak and I can't figure out who makes it. All I can see on the ferrule is that it appears to be stamped with A B . The nut on the line looks like the one in the picture with that pattern in it. Thanks for any help!
  7. ordinarily_confused

    Help Identifying plumbing part

    Can anyone tell me what this part is and how to use it or adjust it? I have a circulator pump on my water heater for instant hot water. There are two of these devices--one on either side of the pump. There is no water flowing through the pump after I had a new water heater installed. If these...
  8. LMJones

    Sterling Garden Tub Faucet?

    I have a 20+ year old faucet that I would love to replace. Unfortunately, there is no access panel and noone seems to want to do it. Is there a way to tell from the photos what brand the spout is? The handles say Sterling, but every plumber we have had over to look at it says they are...
  9. david7117

    Stem identification help, lav 3 hole faucet

    Hi, I need new seats or stems for my lavatory 3 hole faucet. Can anyone help me identify the brand? Thanks in advance! Dave
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