1. QC91

    Help in Picking Replacement Central HVAC system

    Hi, need Help in picking replacement Central HVAC system for our house the Square footage of the home is 1,990, and the zip code is 94520 for our climate we get 80, 90, and low 100 degrees in the summer, in the winter we get upper 30 to 40 degrees at night our home doesn't have good insulation...
  2. jvdm

    HVAC Condensate Drain Requirements

    I am concerned that the condensate pipes from my HVAC unit are not installed to code. I live in Washington, DC. The HVAC unit is in a closet off the kitchen in a second floor condo. Condensate from the furnace and air conditioner currently drain through a 1 inch pipe to an ejector pump on the...
  3. MikeBPrice

    Basement Bathroom HVAC Question

    Hi all. Longtime lurker, first time poster. This forum is immensely helpful and I appreciate any and all input. My scenario: New construction house (2013). Unfinished basement being partially finished (by me) to add a great room and a bathroom. Bathroom is plumbed/framed/electrical finished...
  4. Andrew_in_Ottawa

    Best place for bathroom fan in slopped ceiling without compromising insulation

    I am trying to add a bathroom fan in a ceiling with a slopped ceiling (low points are exterior walls, high point is middle of the house). I am wondering where the best place the place the fan is given that I have minimal space for insulation (just between the 2X6 ceiling joists as there is no...
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