genesis duo

  1. B

    Advice on which softener / combo reduces chloramines best?

    Hey everyone, sorry for the newbie kind of post, but I'm really getting confused with all the softener options out there. We are on City water Hardness: 8-11 Grains/gallon per city website - I measured 9-10 Total hardness: 110-180 ppm Total dissolved solids: 180-220 Chloramines: 3.4 ppm Total...
  2. Jason M Law

    Need help selecting/planning water treatment system

    Hello all! I am a DIYer trying to save my money on install costs for a water softening system (and potentially filtration system) looking for a good amount of help on both selection of a system and some tips on materials/tools I'll need. I noticed the Fleck because of its price (Amazon) and...
  3. maximizedmom77

    Newbie to water softeners and Best bang for your buck water softener

    Hi! I am new to water softeners and see there is a rabbit hole when it comes to it. There are so many on the market! What are some of the best bang for your buck water softeners? Are there any must haves for a water softener? Could I buy one from a big box store with great success and maybe...
  4. GenesisMan

    Genesis Duo Softener/filter High Efficiency System

    Anyone has this Genesis System from I have handful of questions. I just bought this unit with upgrade to DUO (2 tanks - one for carbon filter and another for softener with brine tank). I upgrade with the High Flow Revolution Control Valve. Their customer service is...
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