1. J

    Sewage ejector overload?

    Hi all. Basically I have a sewage basin and ejector pump in a basement. Currently I have just a sink that uses it. I'm now adding a full basement bathroom, which will be used by two people regularly. It is already stubbed in and connected to the tank. I'm kicking around moving laundry downstairs...
  2. Swamp Dood

    Cleanout on Ejector pump line?

    Scenario - New construction 15o feet of 2" pipe connected to the output of a Sewage Ejector System (41 gal) with a 1/2 HP pump. Output is connected to backflow preventer valve and a union connector. Septic system pipe front end - where I am connecting - is 3 feet below the height of the ejector...
  3. BranhamFoley

    Is ejector Pit vent enough?

    Attached is my idea for the basement bathroom I'm installing. I was wondering do I need a vent like shown beyond the sink? Or is the ejector pump vent enough for all the fixtures. I'm never selling my home so I need to know what will work safely more than "code".
  4. KJS

    Sewage ejector basin problems

    Greetings from Canada, I'm a DIY-er who visits this site often for advice. This time I think I may be over my head. I have a sewage ejector system in my basement, looks like it was built in 92. I got the house in 2010. Pump and float/check were replaced in 2018. Last week the whole thing...
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