drinking water

  1. D

    Replacing submersible well pump any suggestions please

    Need to replace my submersible well water pump what size pump do I need? Well Depth 120ft, Casing Depth 82ft, Static Water 50, Diameter 4" looking for a good 1hp that will easily do like 20 gpm any recommendations please
  2. Petermet

    Filter order for drinking well water

    I am building a house in Indonesia and have a 45 meter deep well. I currently use a charcoal filter (1054 tank) and a resin softener (also 1054 tank). I don't drink this water. For drinking I use a small RO unit into plastic 5 gallon containers. In the new house I would like to be able to...
  3. Abc

    Oatey #5 - Safe for drinking water?

    Recently hired a plumber to run some new lines for the kitchen sink and fridge water line. I noticed he used Oatey #5 flux paste which appears to be petroleum based. My question is, is it safe to drink the water on these lines? I was under the impression that he should have used water soluble...
  4. PiscesDragon212

    New York City tap water seasonal temperatures

    Do any plumbers know what the average temperatures of New York City cold tap water are during each season? My cold tap water seems to be warmer than it should be.
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