1. Alfa

    Baseboards and Panel Radiators

    I am getting a new Buderus boiler to supply my baseboard heating system. One of the small baseboard sections is in the way of a proposed new cabinet in the kitchen. Can that one baseboard be replaced with a Buderus panel radiator (which would take up less room)? Can baseboard and panel radiators...
  2. larryjones

    Need to Add a C Wire

    Hi, I would appreciate any help on this. I have a 130 yr old house with a 5 yr old Buderus boiler running 3 zones. Two of the zones are fine and working on basic stats. The 3rd zone (upper floor) had a new wire run during recent renovation (by me) and I have since discovered that the wire is...
  3. friolator

    Pressure Drop

    We've had an ongoing issue that I think I've finally narrowed down a bit. Every once in a while, our Buderus GB142 reports water pressure that's too low, and won't come on. Thus, we come home to a cold house, or like this past weekend when we were away, I get an email from the thermostat that...
  4. friolator

    Buderus GB142 - no power

    It's getting chilly out, so I decided to run the heat and make sure it's all working properly before winter. We have a single zone Buderus GB142 boiler (natural gas), installed in 2006 or 2007. It has an outdoor reset unit that has been, at times, a bit flaky (turned out to be a loose control...
  5. friolator

    Buderus GB142/24 for DHW + Heat

    We've had a Buderus GB142/24 installed for about 7-8 years now, strictly for heat. The apartment it heats is about 1200 sq. feet. The house has older blown-in insulation, and our windows are the original double hungs with aging storm windows (that is, drafty, but will eventually be replaced)...
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