breaker trip

  1. D

    Drawing hot water in wash machine trips tankless heater breaker

    Issue started with new LG washing machine Can run 3 sinks and a shower at full hot with no issue but when washer draws hot it trips the first breaker on tankless water heater. Heater is two double pole 40 amp breaker. Heater operates "as normal" even after first element is tripped. Thanks...
  2. Sunadmn

    AFCI/GFCI tripped with LED light

    Howdy all! I have a very odd electrical issue that has me stumped. I recently had my sub panel updated and when we did that we brought everything up to code by adding combo AFCI/GFCI breakers. I have a branch circuit that runs the outlets in my three bathrooms, tow exterior outlets, and a...
  3. Katherine Straub

    Just whispered "I hate you" to my well pump, how's your morning

    Hey everyone! I'm a long-time lurker (typically when sitting on my kitchen counter by the sink with my laptop and wet socks) and some of your posts have been the difference between keeping and selling my house. I bought what I thought was just a fixer-upper about 18 months's should've...
  4. FarmerTyson

    Well Pump Breaker Intermittently Trips

    Hey Guys, I’ve been replacing and upgrading my pressure tank and filtration system at my house. I’ve also purchased a new CSV (thank you, Cary) but have yet to put it in due to not enough time in the day :). My old system was a 20gal tank with a 30/50 switch. I put a new 44gal tank with a...
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