bar sink

  1. Roadman33

    Rough in drain cluster#@**!help

    hi guys, I pulled a permit to make my basement bath up to code and need some help. yellow line: 2" goes down to slab then into 3". (think this is vent for toilet?) pink line: 2" goes in to mechanical room p trap for hot water heater overflow & furnace cond. drain. drains down into slab...
  2. reynchr

    Add Bar Sink to Lav Plumbing

    Hey, folks. Hoping to get some guidance on the best way to accomplish this. I have an existing bathroom sharing a kitchen wall and I want to add a bar sink into the existing drain line while utilizing the existing water sources. My initial thoughts are that I can 'T' off of the existing water...
  3. Keith Powers

    Wet bar sink

    I am in the process of building a custom bar in my formal living room. Originally this was not on the plans when I purchased the house six months ago. The house is on a slab and I laid new marble flooring throughout. I was going to do just a dry bar, but I realize how beneficial a wet bar could...
  4. rich0014

    Basement Venting Help

    Hello All, I am a first time poster that stumbled across this forum in doing some research for my project. I did not find a question quite like mine so I thought I would post details of my situation and ask for help from the experts on this Board. I am finishing my basement in Loudoun County VA...
  5. dcourtney

    Boring Holes in Non Load Bearing Wall

    I'm in the process of adding a bar sink in my basement and am confused as to how many studs I can bore holes in. I need to run a 1.5" pvc waste line through 6 successive studs in a non load bearing wall. This is the code that has me confused. "Bored holes not greater than 60 percent of the...
  6. dcourtney

    Adding a mini bar sink to bathroom drain line

    Hi All, Im in the process of finishing my basement. Ive completed the framing and am working on plumbing and electrical plans. We decided that we'd like a 14-15" bar sink included that would sit behind the surround shower wall. My question is, can I tap into either the bathroom tub or sink waste...
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