1. Mnosek

    Significant resin discharged during backwash

    I have a Culligan Medallist Series water softener at our lake house. It has been unused in the garage for several years due to an issue we have been dealing with of low yielding well. We had to get a new well drilled, and I moved my pressure tank and water softener to a whole new location with...
  2. Kamren

    Sucking/slurping noise from hot water pipes

    Hey guys! I've been working on my hot water on my own for a bit now and could really use some opinions moving forward. I had my hot water line bust not too far from the hot water tank and I discovered the old galvanized pipes to be VERY corroded and obstructing flow likely causing pressure...
  3. GTOwagon

    Backflusing Frequency for Sand and Carbon Filters

    Gents, I have Lancaster media filters after my chlorine retention tank, and the first is the larger sand filter, for turbidity and pieces of sediment, and the second is the carbon backflush. After a few months I caught a whiff of a mustyish sulphur in the cold line on the washing machine and...
  4. Terry

    Back flushing water lines in a home filled with dirt, silt and gravel

    Back flushing water lines in a home filled with silt and gravel. What do you do when the irrigation installers let dirt get into your supply line to your home and dirt starts to jam up your plumbing? I was called out to a home for that. They were staying in a hotel until we could get the lines...
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