abs connection

  1. Sk_rva

    ABS closet flange issue

    I had a leaky toilet in bathroom I gutted to remodel. Cut old broken ABS flange off 90 degree hub that it was directly connected to. Drain pipe is 3”. The flange was not on top of the finished tile like it should be. After cutting, the hub now sits 3/8 below subfloor. But since it was welded...
  2. JanSolo

    Toilet Flange Newbie: Lead Sleeve w Brass or ABS?

    Hello, wise plumbing elders! I'm remodelling my bathroom and I'm redoing down to the subfloor! It's my first time plumbing a toilet, so I've lots to learn; hopefully you can set me on the right path! On pulling out my old toilet, I noticed that it had a brass flange with a lead sleeve that was...
  3. Ken Parlee

    Canadian bathroom double vanity vent question

    REPOST IN THE CANADIAN FORUM: Hi there. I am installing a double vanity that is 49" wide in a 2nd floor bathroom. As the main stack is right above the vanity (and originally ran right through where we want to install an in-wall medicine cabinet, I rerouted the vent to the right of the vanity...
  4. 24SevnLibrarian

    Connecting Threaded ABS to PVC

    Hi, all! I am living in my grandmother's old house, and I changed out the bathroom sink when I repurposed a dresser as the new vanity. As part of the updates, I am adding an AAV, because the lavatory is too far from the vent pipe. The new sink is several inches to the right of where the previous...
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