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    gift that keeps giving =o)

    Yes, the dress "and" the sound of wine being poured from a bottle. Okay, I'm getting this now.
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    gift that keeps giving =o)

    Cookie, That is true I guess for a woman. But they get those things too. This is where the difference between the sexes is big. A man would be happy with new skis. Or knowing where the tv remote is. Or hearing someone making cooking sounds in the kitchen. Or the smell of...
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    gift that keeps giving =o)

    I see people giving toilets as gifts all the time. What better gift to give? Think about it, or don't think about it. No more using the plunger on a weekly basis. It improves the look of the home. Get a slow close seat too. Best thing that ever happened for men. Well, they may...
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    1 piece version of Drake?

    The Ultramax is similar to the Drake, And the Ultimate is just a small notch down from the Ultramax. I had an Ultimate installed for two years, and it worked very well. Much better then some of the other brands I tried in the same spot. If your water leaves rings, I would consider the...
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    Help Please!!! Deck post questions

    This reminds me of the house in Redmond that I lived in. The wife had gotten a quote to replace the front steps. They guy was going to build it first, and then pour concrete afterward. I wound up doing it myself. I poured a footing twelve feet long and built a wall up from that. She...
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    A person claims to be a plumber

    I leaned from my journeyman, Glen Bellows, that you always do your work with a level. The whole house may be crooked, but if your work is level, they can never complain.
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    Indoor hot tub

    Here is my experience with hot tubs or swimming pools indoors. I rented one home with a sunroom and hot tub. We had to keep the cover on it constantly to keep the moisture from dripping off the glass and wood structure. The repairs to the wood framing were a few thousand dollars. We...
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    gift that keeps giving =o)

    Of those three? The ADA Cadet 3 Though the funny thing is, a customer returned his Cadet 3 and picked up an Ultramax from me yesterday. He didn't like the water spot in the Cadet.
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    A dumb mistake on my part

    hj, The gaskets are fine. The biggest problem we have is homeowners cracking tanks by tightening too much. We just push the tank down with hand, and tighten with the other. Seems easy.
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    University Street Fair, May 15th and 16th 2010

    Last year, 2009 while Out From Underneath was playing. Two grand kids while the music is playing. Daughter and her husband, did I just make them look funny here? Middle is Jamie's mom, and on the right is my mom, 92 now. Jamie on stage with the band. After the music was over, my...
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    need advice on gas pressure test

    When a plumber does a static pressure test, the pipe is disconnected from the meter. This is a case of knowing too little. NHmaster suggested calling the gas company, that may be a good idea at this point. I've never heard of anyone trying to pressure test while connected to a meter...
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    Confused about mortar under tubs...

    This is why I use piles of mortar. When you drop the tub down, it will push the piles of mortar down, but it has to have somewhere to go. If you try to go for a full spread, you are likely to either have too little, or too much. Allowing the weight of the tub to do the spreading works best...
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    A dumb mistake on my part

    hj, I remember the Delta one-piece plastic toilet. The showroom where I worked had a red Delta one-piece toilet. It was so light, it felt more like picking up a beach ball then a toilet. The year was 1974
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    Help!!! Soiree Eco 1.28 vs. Soiree 1.6???

    I don't think there is much difference between the two. If you need a little more rinse, you can hold the handle a bit longer, Or you can change the flapper to a blue one, and get more water later if you think you need it.
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    Toto Eco Drake No Longer Flushing Properly

    It could be something in the trapway that was dropped in. Sometimes you have to pull the bowl, and remove from the bottom end. Or sometimes you can push the item right on through using one of these.