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    P-trap too low for drain pipe

    Assuming the pipe is vertical in the wall, yes you could pull it and raise the santee. If it's horizontal, you could wind up going a ways to raise it. My first attempt at cutting the lower shelf for a p-trap. It could have been a smaller hole there. These raised cabinets were new at the...
  2. Terry

    Help weird po over flow for sink drain

    Is that for an overflow on the sink?
  3. Terry

    Are Moen M-Core Series 3 cartridges reliable?

    Since the pandemic, much of what we sell as plumbers has gone sky high. I look at some to the shower valve trims now and the pricing is just sailing away on us. I can understand water heaters going up I guess, there's more to them.
  4. Terry

    Might my Noritz tankless be misreading the flow rate?

    And that's going to be a question for the Noritz team maybe. Unless someone sees this that has some experience with that. It's not sounding logical. At least to guy with some experience at installing, but not troubleshooting them.
  5. Terry

    Might my Noritz tankless be misreading the flow rate?

    Is the shower a single handle or a two handle? If it's single, often behind the knob, there is a hot temperature limit setting, not allowing full hot in some cases, but ensuring that there is a mix of hot and cold to prevent scalding.
  6. Terry

    Are Moen M-Core Series 3 cartridges reliable?

    I like the Delta valves too.
  7. Terry

    Shower Drain 2"?

    A RamBit will drill out a 2 x 1.5 flush bush from the 3x2 wye. Then you can glue in a new 2" pipe there. It's easy to do, easier than how we used to do it, which was to cut a few cuts into the fitting, and then chisel out the fitting, collapsing it inward. Clean Ream Extreme by Reed
  8. Terry

    Delta Scald-Guard, 1980s shower knob replacement (to lever)

    Delta Scald Guard parts
  9. Terry

    Washer Standpipe and old 1-1/2” basement drain

    Older homes from the 60's had 1.5" washer drains. The changed eventually to 2" Sometimes you can see a connection from the 2" cast iron below the slab, where the hub is above grade, with a 1.5" galvanized pipe leaded into the joint. Where I see those, I remove the 1.5" and using a donut push in...
  10. Terry

    Shower Drain 2"?

    A 1.5" trap works, doesn't meet code now, but it did in the 60's when we had high flow shower heads. I normally increase to 2" for the drain above the trap. There are plenty of folks as they get older that want a walk-in shower instead of their old tub.
  11. Terry

    Toto AP vs EP

    You will have some complaining that they are not five gallon bowls, and others that are okay with that. I've worked with a few of the EP bowls, and haven't done the AP yet that secures with the rod tools from below the bowl yet. They do save a lot of space and I have considered installing one...
  12. Terry

    2” p trap siphoning off

    The pipe going out horizontal from the tee is not a vent. The contractor that did the work had no concept of how this stuff works. Did he pull a plumbing permit? No, he did not. Pipes on the horizontal should grade at 1/4" per foot. That means in 20 feet you lose 5 inches.
  13. Terry

    Should I put a pan under my tankless in the garage?

    The garage should be sloped toward the doors. I don't see people installing them in the garage.
  14. Terry

    Toto AP vs EP
  15. Terry

    2” p trap siphoning off

    There isn't any venting for the washer p-trap at all. Of course it's going to siphon itself dry. Also, the standpipe is too long which also hurts. The p-trap needs to be on the same floor as the washer, not in the crawl space. The rubber tee will deform soon and become worthless. It's not a...
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