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    1. Mr tee
      Mr tee
      If you could pin a download of isometric graph paper that users could print it might, maybe, perhaps lead to an upgrade of drawings of layouts.
    2. Master Plumber Mark
      Master Plumber Mark
      did you fix things up for your new buddy that knows how to better set a toilet than you???? LOL
    3. Mark G
      Mark G
      Hi Terry - I was looking for a recommendation for a water softener and RO system for my new build home in Black Diamond, WA. (Yes, we're practically neighbors). I have the city's water report, and am interested in a Fleck whole house system and a RO that will add back in the minerals stripped. Can you recommend a local plumber that can help? Do you service the Black Diamond area?
    4. White Danny Glover
      White Danny Glover
      Terry,need some advice...residential/remodel plumber here in South Florida...what’s the best way to deal with a customer who is always interrupting your work by asking questions about things you’ve already been over with them that cause you to fall behind schedule...
    5. kevin Crawford
      kevin Crawford
      Don't know how to contact you direct. Question regarding professional input on your forum.
      Kevin Crawford
      EZ Generator Switch
    6. Justinandlindsay18
      Terry, I just bought a 2 story house, been here for a week and half, took a long hot shower downstairs in master bath and before I was finished it started smelling like sulfur or sewer. Been having alot of rain and we have a septic system. The master tub drain downstairs wasnt plumbed in and I had just done that today before showering, but i didnt put a p trap inline. Could that be the problem with the smell?
      1. Terry
        All plumbing fixtures in the home need traps to prevent sewer gas from entering. The toilets are their own traps. If you don't have a trap on the tub or shower, it will need one.
        Apr 26, 2020
    7. abygga
      Hi Terry, the US Marble (cultured marble) install sheet says: "you can use silicone, or any good ceramic WALL adhesive" for attaching the cultured marble. When Durock backer board is being used, it would seem like silicone would not adhere to the cultured marble, so would you use a thinset since that is a "ceramic wall adhesive?"
    8. mc-lemons
    9. Duane G Lindstrom
      Duane G Lindstrom
      Hi terry
      Have a plumbing question.
      I am putting a washer machine in new part of room. Its on first floor.
      I know that the drain lines a rubber washing line are in a box in back of washing machine going to basement. How do i put in a trap under floor that meets the drain pipe from behind the wall straight down.

    10. Pipenpipe
      Hey can you loop vent a washer box ?
    11. Dorothy Andazola
      Dorothy Andazola
      I’m looking for a dark pink Crane toilet tank with the #1993 on it. Internet has different pinks. Where can I go?
      Terry I have recreated a quite old hot tub. This unit had no computer panel, therefore, everything is direct connect with individual switches. My question is on the 110 V / 240 V hot ware heating element I am experiencing extreme heat up on the red but not black pole line. Is this do to a to much resistance on the direct connection or what???

      Thank you for your time
    13. handyGary
      Thank you for the forum. I signed on today about 12 years after getting much and very good advice about toilets. I took your recommendation on the Drake and could not be more pleased. I am pleased with my choice, its performance, and for many other pieces of knowledge I have gleaned from this forum over the years.
    14. ktlynnfg
    15. Ian Kazian
      Ian Kazian
      I have a vacation waterfront home in Door County WI. Every spring my well flows water out of the well seal for about a month. I have contacted several well installers & they state that this normal as the water table rises in the spring. Many of my neighbors wells do the same thing. Can I replace the seal with a seal that has a threaded fitting so I can attach a hose to it and direct the water away from my foundation?
    16. LMF
      I made an error and used clear PVC cement on the brass fitting for a shower valve. How do I remove it now and use the proper sealant?
      1. Terry
        If you are soldering to the valve, it will need to be sanded out. The solder needs contact with the brass.
        Jun 1, 2019
    17. Dave Z
      Dave Z
      Hi, Terry,

      Thank you! New member here. I have a question to ask for help, but I need to post a pic (don't know how yet). Received a new toto toilet, it seems the bowl outlet is abnormal to me.

      1. Terry
        That's a normal outlet on the bowl. The wax seals goes around that anyway and seals to the flat part of the bowl. It's good. :)
        Apr 6, 2019
    18. James Lampson
      James Lampson
      Hello. Can you tell me how to post a question. Having trouble with my well. I replaced the control box and the pressure switch because it stopped working. Now when I put power to pressure switch it blows a fuse I wired exactly as it was. Didn't do it before. Thanks for your help
    19. Lee Rector
      Lee Rector
      you've responded to some of my postings in years past... perhaps you may have some shareable thoughts regarding my latest post. thx ...see ( Resistance from PEX? high flow transmitted sounds)
    20. Jayman
      I have a hansgrophe shower valve that makes noise after turned off...sometimes . Also after a shower when turning off bathroom sink, same sound comes from the valve area. Valve is 2 years old...any clues? thanks
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