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    How to fully close large (municipal size) gate valves that leak?

    The short: Any suggestions for how to fully close a 6" gate valve that presently lets a lot of water through despite turning it closed with a lot of torque? The long: For better or worse, our private property has what is effectively a municipal style 6" PVC water system on it that feeds a...
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    Help identifying this unmarked hose bib

    Hey Marlinman. I just checked, and these are indeed quarter turn units. Seems like a steep price for the repair kit, especially with the vacuum breaker component separated into yet another repair kit, but it is what it is. Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction on this hose bib...
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    Help identifying this unmarked hose bib

    After getting forum help on identifying what turned out to be a Woodford 25, I'm wondering if you could help identify this leaking hose bib from an older section of the same building. No markings that I can see. Google Lens wasn't any help either. Thanks. David Thanks.
  4. Dajguy

    Help identifying hose bib brand

    Thanks everyone, and especially Marlinman - tip sent! This worked so well, I'm going to start another thread with another hose bib model that is leaking on the same building.
  5. Dajguy

    Help identifying hose bib brand

    Sorry, I realized that I stated this incorrectly. It is leaking on the valve stem side. Would you suspect that the O-ring or packing is likely a commonly available product, or likely specialized where I would need to figure out the manufacture of the fixture to get parts?
  6. Dajguy

    Help identifying hose bib brand

    I am seeking help in identifying this hose bib that has an integrated vacuum breaker. Another one just like it is leaking badly on the vacuum breaker side from below the plastic shield that the arrow is pointing to. I see no manufacturer information on it at all except for the threaded hose...
  7. Dajguy

    Dielectric unions and water heaters

    So when tightening down a fitting to the top of the dielectric nipple, is it important that the fitting compress down on the plastic that extends above the top of the nipple so that it acts as a seal to keep water from contacting the threads of the nipple and fitting (where the dissimilar metals...
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