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Famous Plumbers On The Web Terry Love, Redmond WA

If you have done much searching for plumbing on the Internet, you will have stumbled upon the work of the people here. These are by far the best of the best that I have found. bookmark these sites and you won't be lacking for information about plumbing.

The first plumbing site I found was Hill Daughtry's web site, theplumber.com. A very large and informative site containing the history of plumbing, articles and good informative advice to homeowners on plumbing.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the quality site in Australia put together by Lorenzo Poletto of NiceEasy.com.au . He sent me his CD-ROM of plumbing information and I was impressed by all the work he had done.

Kent Frutiger has created the PlumbNet .com site, the place where Bob Allen writes his column, a plumbing forum resides and information about plumbing. A-Ball.com is his on-line plumbing supply site

Terry Love, of LOVE Plumbing & Remodel, terrylove.com, uses his site as an information base for customers interested in home based projects including: kitchen & bath remodel, replacement of pipes and water heaters, and adding additional plumbing fixtures.

Bud Hardman of Sun Coast Plumbing, Inc. can be found on many plumbing bulletin boards.  He's always helpful and full of fun ideas on ways to repair plumbing,

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