What's In a Faucet. Can I Make My Own Faucet from Various Parts?

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  1. Flex lines go from valve (mixer or two separate valves) to the spout, more and more these days.
    Roughs are not all "hard" brass these days.

    In http://www.terrylove.com/forums/showthread.php?10876-What-s-in-a-faucet
    I saw
    "Rough-in valves are brand specific"
    "....valves are EXTREMELY specific to brand and model. Any attempt to rig in or use "universal" handle adapters will lead to great sorrow."

    I'm not sure I understood these comments.
    To me, they make sense with the hard (brass) roughs, but not with valves connected using flex lines.
    Is this right or mistaken?

    In other words, can I connect a valve, and a spout, using flex lines?
    And in doing so, am I taking huge risks or minimal risks?
    My flex lines would be above deck in a shelf (similar to K-2440, K-2443, from Kohler).
    My handle would be the one sold with the valve.

    All I'm seeking to do is send mixed water to a new spout, through flex lines.
    I could also solder copper or brass to connect it after I get the dimensions.

    Thank you!
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    Those comments are MORE relevent with flex lines, since many of them use proprietary connections which you CANNOT interchange with other brands.
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    let your imagination run wild but remember that the spout can not be able to be submersed in the sink because that causes a backflow situation. I have seen faucets fabricated from all sorts of crazy things.
  4. Not big hurdles. Threads on flex connectors may become a pain, but are not a deal killer.

    Backflow preventors are common and easy to buy.
    They are built in to the faucets with pullout sprays on hoses.
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