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    Why you don’t hear from people with Cycle Stop Valves

    People don’t want to worry about their water systems. They just want water to come out of the faucet when a tap is opened. Cycling on and off from old style pressure tank systems will destroy pumps, motors, capacitors, relays, pressure switches, as well as cause pressure fluctuations and water hammer. Variable speed pump systems, also known, as Constant Pressure Pumps or VFD’s are expensive, troublesome, and short lived by design. People with these types of pump systems are constantly looking for answers to their problems. The Cycle Stop Valve or CSV is the answer to these problems. Once a person installs a CSV, their problems go away, and they rarely think about their water system again.

    I sometimes check back with customers a few years after they install a CSV. “No news is good news.” “Haven’t even been back in the well house.” “Water always comes out when I open a faucet, so I haven’t thought about it again.” These are some of the things I hear from CSV customers.

    The following is a response from a customer who had many problems before switching to a Cycle Stop Valve. When you hear someone say they have decided to install a CSV, you may never hear from them again. No news really is good news. After installing a CSV, people never worry about their water system again and are able to focus on the problems of everyday life.

    Hi Greg
    Just looking back at some old emails and came across yours. Just wanted to
    see how things are working after the passage of some time?


    Thanks for the check back! Hope all is "well" with you! LOL

    The CSV solution brought me back to the good old American know-how of KISS! After fussing with the complex Grundfos VFD, your CSV was a simple, successful and elegant solution.

    Proof of this is that after the CSV installation and adjustment, we have enjoyed dependable constant pressure water for over the last three years without any equipment monitoring, as it is not needed!

    Also, I feel that our Grundfos 15SQE10-250 well pump now has an extended life expectancy with the CSV as opposed to with the Grundfos CU301 VFD.

    Since the Grundfos CU301 failed early after installation, I did not take any usage measurements for comparisons. However, I feel that it has saved energy and maintenance efforts on my part. When the Grundfos pump does eventually fail, I will consult with you as to a better standard well pump and HP sized solution for my single well combined domestic and water source heat pump system.

    By the way, I occasionally follow your suggestions on the web with solving other well users needs and find them to be quite informative and helpful. I also agree that most product manufacturers are producing lesser quality for greater profits.

    As an example, we bought 4 new upper range brand name kitchen appliances three years ago and everyone has since failed in some capacity with replacement parts unavailable or not redesigned to correct original problems. In contrast, I have used for 31 years my John Deere 212 lawn & garden tractor that still cuts grass great and JD still stocks all the parts!

    America used to manufacture solid long lasting products with solid service. Thanks Cary for keeping the faith alive with CSV!

    Take care and keep up the great work!

    Feel free to post my email. Great product and company that stands behind its products!

    Happy CSV fan,
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    Pump and Motor tested with CSV

    The following pictures are of an impeller/diffuser, and motor thrust bearing from a 2 HP submersible pump. This was an accelerated test to see how Cycle Stop Valves affect pumps and motors. This pump was actually in the well for over 12 years. During that 12 years, we accelerated the work on the system to simulate a pump system with over 30 years of service.

    This pump ran for several years at only 1 GPM. It also ran for several years at varied flow rates from 2 to 25 GPM. All of this time it also supplied two houses with a pressure tank than only held 2.5 gallons of water. So it was also allowed to cycle on and off for intermittent demands. In 12 years we did everything we could think of to try and destroy this pump.

    The pump was finally removed for inspection and the following was observed. There is absolutely no down thrust, upthrust, or radial damage to the impeller, diffuser, shaft, or bushings in the pump. The thrust bearing in the motor still looks like brand new, and the motor windings tested and looked perfect.

    As you can see from these pictures, the wearable parts of the pump and motor still look perfectly new. There are many thousands more pumps that have lasted this long or longer using a CSV. This particular one we watched everyday and subjected it to the worst possible conditions for over 12 years. Anyone who thinks a Cycle Stop Valve can damage a pump or motor in anyway, should look very closely at these pictures.

    I should also say that previously the average life of a pump in this test well was less than 2 years. This CSV made this pump last 600% longer than the average, and it would still be working today if I had not just wanted to see what it looked like.

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