Replacement for Toto Carlyle, clogging problems

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  1. reny90077

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    My son is clogging our Toto Carlyle at least once a week. Was considering to get Gerber Ultraflush until I found this website. Seems like Ultramax is favored for this kind of problem, however the MaP score is only 700, not much more than our current Carlyle of 625. Drake is 900 and Gerber Ultraflush is 1000 and I saw some Kohlers with MaP scores of 1000 as well. Can anybody offer me any help? Also, any suggestions on whether to get insulated tank (I live in LA) and sanagloss for Toto? Thanks for any advice.
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  2. Terry

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    Bothell, Washington
    If your son is clogging a trapway of 2-1/8"

    Then there is either something in the trapway preventing a good clean siphon. It's not uncommon to pull out toothbrushes, GI Joe army toy, Ivory Soap, Cell phone, home cordless phone, hand towel, Sand Dollar, Kids Hot Wheels, Measuring Cup, Rubber Stopper for bathtub, Shampoo bottle, Eye Makeup pen

    And all of these were not in there according to the customer.
    But we found them anyway. Sometimes, you just have to have a "Look, see".

    Or he may have stools too large for a normal toilet.
    There are some medical conditions that cause that.

    If that is the case, your only option my be to go to something with a 3.0" trapway.
    Caroma makes those.

    The Gerber Ultraflush trapwy is 1-7/8" at the outlet. Not much help there either.

    The test media for MaP
    The Soy Bean paste media was extruded through a 7/8-inch (22mm) diameter die, each specimen being approximately four inches (100mm) long and weighing 50g (±5g).

    7/8" x 4" wrapped in plastic

    Four loosely crumpled balls of toilet paper (six sheets each) are included in each test
    run. The toilet paper used in testing has the following specifications: single ply toilet paper (Not Charmin)
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  3. reny90077

    reny90077 New Member

    Thanks for your quick response.

    You are right on the money, my son does have a medical condition and he doesn't go daily as he used to so now he has large BM. I am glad you pointed out about the trapway size rather than just look at the MaP. As far as the Coroma, would you recommend the Sydney which has the highest MaP rating or would you recommend something else?
  4. Terry

    Terry Administrator Staff Member

    Bothell, Washington
    Any of the Caroma's have the large trapway.
    It's not really about the rating here.
    I've sold Caroma with 550 gram ratings that worked very well for your purpose.

    Caroma 305 bowl

    Caroma Sydney with 270 bowl.
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  5. Redwood

    Redwood Master Plumber

    I had a job not long ago that involved a clogged Cadet 3...
    First time it was ever used...

    The customer was sitting on a sofa oxygen tube in the nose his nurse across from him filling the 7-day 4 times a day medication tray...
    Damn there was a lot of medicine there!

    Oh boy!
    I can see this being a guarantee problem!
    Everytime he goes we'll be coming to auger the toilet!

    I had a discussion with him about the great flush his toilet has and due to his condition he will constantly clog just about any toilet that he gets. I made him a slice n dice tool out of a coat hanger and put a hook on the side of the vanity. So when he goes he can break things up before flushing.

    It must have worked I didn't get a callback on it and I haven't been back yet.
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