Oatey Pipe joint compound on pvc sink trap and drain?

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  1. audioman81

    audioman81 New Member

    I installed a new sink in my bathroom and couldnt get it to not leak in a couple places so I tried teflon tape but it was hard to get it to stay above and below the nut that tightens the drain into the bottom of the sink so I looked at Fleet for some pipe dope or the like and they had Oatey Pipe Joint Compound. Its grey and on the front it says lubricates and seals threaded connections. it was by the teflon tape so i figured it should work. I got home took the drain apart and put lots of it on every joint on the trap as well as the drain and no more leaks 3 days later so I know its working.
    I was putting my tools and stuff away today and noticed on the back of this pipe compound it says "do not use on plastic threads"
    my question is will this eat the plastic and cause it to leak or why would it say this? do i have to take it apart, clean it off and try to find something else to put on?

    ps. I found this on the msds sheet for their grey pipe joint compound on thier website does this help any?

    Calcium Carbonate 60 – 75% 1317-65-3 10 mg/M3 15 mg/M3 None
    (Total dust)
    Hydrocarbon oil 20 - 30% 64742-52-5 5 mg/M3 5 mg/M3 None
    Clay 1 – 5% 68953-58-2 10 mg/M3 10 mg/M3 None
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  2. krow

    krow Plumber

    Ontario, Canada
    It shouldn't eat away any plastic tubing or fittings, it just not good practice. The thread sealant will tend to get hard over time
  3. hj

    hj Moderator & Master Plumber Staff Member

    Cave Creek, Arizona

    It must contain mineral oil and it WILL soften the threads and allow them to distort or melt down. I am not sure how fast it will happen or if it is already too late to prevent it from happening.
  4. Oaty works great

    this stuff works great...

    dont worry about it....I smear it all over
    everything I install.....

    Now their was an issue with RECTOSEAL pipe dope
    breaking down the plastic drain outlet on ISE garbage
    disposals a while back.. they had a mess to deal with

    but I have never heard a problem with normal cheap
    Oatey pipe dope.....
  5. Terry

    Terry Administrator Staff Member

    Bothell, Washington
    I never use goo on plastic traps.

    I "do" tighten the swivel nut first, and then the others.
  6. gas is too expensive for a call back...

    Nothing aggravates me more than going back out
    on a 1 1/2 p trap that the hot and cold changes
    in the water have made those nuts finallly loosen and leak..

    I use that Oatey goo an everything and I try to
    pound it into the heads of everyone that works
    for me that the goo is cheap. cheap cheap.....
    Smear it on extra thick and wipe off the excess

    the time and gas spent on the 25 mile drive
    back out to do it again buys a whole skid of the goo....
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  7. hj

    hj Moderator & Master Plumber Staff Member

    Cave Creek, Arizona

    And here I have been accusing "handymen" of being the ones who goop up trap and waste threads. Why not just slather silicone caulk on them?
  8. now thats a good idea

    HJ you are a master and a genius!!!!

    I never thought of useing silicone on p traps.

    I have tangled with basket strainers that some one
    had put into the sink with silicone..that was mean......

    you could smear the clear stuff on them and you
    would not notice the difference

    and I bet it would never leak or come apart again:D:D
  9. Redwood

    Redwood Master Plumber

    Goop on slip joints? Thats something I haven't done... Never needed to...
  10. plumbernj

    plumbernj In the Trades

    New Jersey

    Do not use the gray paste on plastic. You can you Teflon paste on plastic though if you need to. Read the can for all the info.
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  11. hj

    hj Moderator & Master Plumber Staff Member

    Cave Creek, Arizona

    You are correct about it never coming apart again. Removal is done with a hacksaw or SawZall.
  12. different strokes....

    you know everyone does things differently

    I used to LOVE.... Yellow Rectoseal....and I used literally
    gallons of it back in the 70s....

    I switched to the cheaper oaty and other types later on
    after spilling the Rectoseal al over my tools dozens of times...

    Its just my personal preference to give all those slip
    joints that extra little bit of love and attention

    I know if I treat them to a good douseing
    of grey goo, I will never have that expensive call
    back out over a slight drip on the extension tube nut going
    from the disposal to the baffle tee.

    I just hate small call backs that the customer could fix but
    will not try to tighten up themselves ...
  13. Redwood

    Redwood Master Plumber

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  14. audioman81

    audioman81 New Member

    when i posted this question I had ALREADY put it on and it had been 3 days without it leaking. now its been a week still no leak.
    My question was do i have to take it apart and clean it off and start over or will it be ok to leave it alone and not worry about it eating the plastic anytime soon?
  15. its fine

    Its perfectly fine....dont worry about it...
    that is why they make this stuff in the first place.

    to be extra sure you that dont have a leak.

    leave it alone
  16. If I ever see Billy Mays I'm gonna throw pepper in his mouth.

    I used to use dope on the ferrule's edge but never on the threads themselves.

    The threads are not what causes the leak anyway.

    I do see a vantage point that MPM has that makes good logical sense; doping those threads will prevent that slow loosening of the fittings underneath a sink given a flimsy stainless steel sink or garbage disposal running, vibrating causing everything to loosen up.

    If everything is brand spanking new, I don't use the stuff. If it's old and connecting to old, I'll use it.
  17. ncplumber

    ncplumber Master Plumber

    Indian Trail, NC
    20 year plumber here, I use "Rectorseal T plus 2" pipe thread compound on the beveled edge where the ferrule makes contact, not on the threads. It will come apart years later just fine and is safe for use on pvc. I also tighten the middle nut first, then the back, then the top. Another thing I do that borders on paranoia is on a lavatory drain: pipe dope on the top of the beveled rubber gasket where it contacts the basin, putty between the gasket and the friction washer. I can't remember ever having a callback for a leaky trap or drain.

    Speaking of paranoia, anybody else use teflon tape (in proper direction of course) then pipe dope over the tape on metal to metal threads? Or is it just me?

  18. On shower head arms all the time, have to due to shallow threads.
  19. Murpheys law and takeing short cuts.....

    Yes I do this always.

    When ever I get cocky or am in a hurry and try to take a short cut,
    and I think my-self above the cosmic laws of plumbing ,
    that is when failure will always ocur.

    Recently, I have learned the hard way that if I do not put teflon tape
    on the nipples for a Brad Ford White water heater, and then dope them
    up with Oatey pipe dope, I always seem to be left with a very tiny small leak ....

    and then the whole process has to be done again with the heater full of water....

    Generaly that has been the case with anything I touch.....

    I now realise that when I do not use both materials
    or do not grease up the p traps inside the sockets and on the slip nut washers

    I am pissing off some plumbing god that will
    exact his just and cruel revenge on me

    ...either right then..... or some day down the road.....
    I will have to make a 35 mile pilgrimage back to that home and
    kneel down under that kitchen sink and pay homage.....for free too....

    and then ask forgiveness of the homeowner for getting their kitchen base wet.....

    Call that paranoia if you wish...

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  20. dlarrivee

    dlarrivee New Member

    master plumber mark:

    Why do you feel the need to have such large text, is what you say more important than others, or are you simply obnoxious?
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