Nozzle of My Frost Free Sillock Pulled off

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  1. swansok4

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    King County
    The outdoor spigot on the exterior of my wall had a small leak. It is a frost free sillcock style spigot. It mates flush up against the wall.

    I tried to fix it by removing the spigot and changing the gasket. While removing the packing nut the nozzle itself moved and than disconnected entirely from the wall. Apparently the nozzle was never permanently attached to the pipe. It was just jammed on there. The attached picture 1 and 2 show the outside wall (the drip has stopped once all the extra water drained out) and the detached nozzle.

    At this point I decided to try and go into the wall and just detach the sillcocks piping from the main pipe and replace the whole thing. Once I opened up the wall I discovered the connection between the sillcock pipe and the main pipe is hidden behind the corner of the wall and has bad access. The attached picture 3 and 4 show the interior access.

    I can pound the nozzle back onto the pipe and reattach the whole system but that concerns me because there is no sort of screw or solder or adhesive attaching the nozzle to the pipe.

    Would a plumbing adhesive (like loctite) placed around the nozzle before jamming it back on provide enough of a seal?

    Should I open the wall up even more and remove the whole frost free sillcock and solder/screw on a new one?

    Any other suggestions?

    Picture 1 - the wall.jpg Picture 2 - the nozzle.jpg Picture 3 - access .jpg Picture 4 - the inside.jpg
  2. Terry

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    Remove and replace the frostfree faucet.
    Take out whatever needs to be taken out to get to the back fitting.
    There is no shortcut here.

    Replace with a siphon breaker frost free.
    The one you had is no longer code in Washington.

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  3. jadnashua

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    Woodford makes several that will drain when shut off even if you leave a hose on! They also have some that you could get hot and cold from, which makes washing the car in the winter or washing the dog, etc., a nicer situation.
  4. Wet_Boots

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    even those clever folks at Woodford haven't come up with a solution for the frostproof faucet that's left open to always pressurize an attached garden hose with a trigger sprayer attached :)
  5. jadnashua

    jadnashua Retired Defense Industry Engineer xxx

    New England
    Well, if you leave the faucet on and are relying constantly on the rubber hose, you get what's coming to you! Some of theirs, not all, will release the water pressure if there's still a hose attached when you close the faucet.

    FWIW, it's safest to always remove the hose when there's a chance of freezing.
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