New Toto toilets don't flush like the 35 year-old ones did

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  1. CindyJ

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    We just redid 3 bathrooms in the house and replaced the three 35 year old toilets with Toto toilets -- two Ultramax II with Sanagloss, and one Promenade with Sanagloss. I've gotta say, their flushing capabilities leave a lot to be desired. Having to flush several times defeats the whole "low-flow" concept. And even multiple flushes don't always clear "sticky remnants." I did just read another thread where I learned that more water can be flushed by holding the handle, and that's a very helpful piece of information, but for the first time ever, I'm compelled to buy toilet caddies to keep brushes next to the bowl. Apologies if this topic has been addressed, but a quick search didn't provide any help. Can anyone offer any advice? Thanks!
  2. cacher_chick

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    I had a 73' Chevy when i was a kid. I wish they still made them like that.
  3. Terry

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    Toilets used 5.0 or more gallons per flush.
    Some low boy toilets used 9.5 gallons.
    That means that flushing four times with the new toilet is about the same (+/-) water usage.
    I really doubt that you are flushing four times every time you use a bowl.
    Check your water bill when it comes, It will be considerably less then before.
  4. Terry

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    Bothell, Washington
    I drove a 74 Chevy Nova.
    Big 350 engine that got 10 MPG
    Back tires spun when you accelerated. Would be all over the road when it got wet out. Forget about snow. It would get stuck on flat road.
    Drum brakes, took forever to stop.
    Yeah............they don't make em like that anymore.

    I take my Highlander up skiing, four wheel drive and getting 23 MPG while doing it. One time I drove down from Whistler in Canada and I was doing 90 MPH on winding roads. (About ten miles) A little crazy, but handles much better than the old Chevy did. I would have been in the trees with the Chevy.
    The othere day I was driving back from dinner with folks from Kohler, and I was in the intersection in Seattle before I noticed that there was a car crossing my path. I hit the brakes and the taxi driver I almost hit go out and took a look, signalling with his hands how close we were with a big smile on his face from shock. That Highlander somehow stoped within twenty feet from 25 miles an hour. We all just wondered how that was even possible.

    Most of the new 1.28's are doing pretty well in this day of conservation. And they plug less then the old 5.0 bowls that had a plunger by every one.
    TOTO has it's stuff, and Kohler has it's Class five and six, American Stanard has its 3 series. I like where we are "now".
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  5. Gary Swart

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    I don't want to get too personal, but I have to wonder if your diet has something to do with this. Most folks will leave a streak or two occasionally, usually after indulging in an overly rich meal or foods. I can't recall anyone with this problem on a regular basis.
  6. jadnashua

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    FWIW, ALL new toilets are required to flush less than 1.6g now, and in some places, they're forcing even lower will NOT get as good of a bowl cleaning using maybe as little at 1/5th the water as an old gully washer did. Now, some are better than others, but my personal experience with Toto has been good (your results seem to differ). As to how sticky a person's waste is depends a lot on diet, but there's some personal chemistry that's part of it...the amount of roughage in your diet can play a big role in those differences. My point being, while there are differences between toilets in this regard, your results may not be much different than what you have, and if you wish to place blame, you can blame the fact we have limited fresh water supplies, and the government is forcing us to try to save some.
  7. wjcandee

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    Unreal. It used to be that everyone complained that the flush didn't make the stuff go down. Now, the complaint is you have to brush occasionally, or have to flush 4 times to get the schmutz off the bowl.

    Unbelievable to me that someone would flush 4 times just to dislodge a little piece of poo. Shameful.
  8. Failure2Comply

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    Sounds like a children's book. :D
  9. benlinus

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    Agree with you terry. Old toilet's are the really wastage of water. before i had an, I just hate it because it use's much water and after a month when i get my water bill i just got sick because of it. . Now i just bough My new one Named as "Close Coupled WC", dimension of Height 810mm x Width 305mm x Depth 625mm. I just got it from RAK, RAK is the largest manufacturer of Bathroom Sanitaryware and has an outstanding reputation within the industry, their products are unique, classy and great value for money.
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