Is this guy for real? How not to connect copper to galvanized

Discussion in 'Plumbing Forum, Professional & DIY Advice' started by petrie, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. petrie

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  2. Terry

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    Plumbing codes doesn't allow a copper to galvanized connection. :(
    The pipe is inserted into the fitting about 1/8", a disaster waiting to happen.:(
    t's soldering, not brazing.
  3. jim dandy

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    I am new to these forums and read your post and figured I would watch what you linked to :D

    Well I am not a plumber by trade. Built a few houses here and there and know enough about plumbing to get myself in trouble. I certainly would not want that guy doing plumbing work for me especially sweating copper pipe

    You know as wrong as he is in what he was showing folks to do there is no doubt in my mind that him and others like him are a plenty and as long as there are folks like him I am confident that the competent plumbers that are out there are guaranteed plenty of work.

    Good Post.........

  4. ankhseeker

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    hey! It makes more service calls for you, but it is sad that it is WRONG to start with. I am sure that it will break eventually.
  5. petrie

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    If he would have soldered it...the right way, let it cool and then thread it on with tape I wouldn't have posted it, as he'd have only made one mistake. But to solder it like that and then heat right next to the tape was soooo wrong.

    From reading this forum I see that Brass is considered to be inert enough that it can be used with galvanized without a dialectric union. I guess that's why you can connect galvanized pipe to a Brass shower valve. However, I wonder how many DIYers mistake the "cast" copper sweat on drop elbows for brass and just go ahead and use galvanized nipples to install tub spout. With the cost of Brass nipples I could see someone doing that.
  6. hj

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    Cave Creek, Arizona
    1. it is called "tinning" the pipe not brazing it.
    2. What happened to "fluxing the inside of the fitting"?
    3. once the tubing was heated and tinned, there was NO flux left to help keep the fitting clean while it was heated
    4. You CANNOT just heat the tubing after tinning it and expect it to go all the way into a cold socket. It will "bond" as soon as it makes contact.
    5. LOTS of solder cannot compensate for a short insertion.
    6. I wonder if he ever heard of a dielectric connection?
    7. I wonder if he knows the difference between soldering and brazing?
    8. He is a good example of why not "anyone can be a plumber". As Benny Hill would say, "It is what he calls himself, it is NOT what he is".
    10. If you are going to make an "instructional" video, you should be sure YOU know how to do it right, or there are millions of people who are willing to tell you how NOT to do it.
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