Is there a class action lawsuit against Kitec piping?

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    Perhaps you should explain the pictures. To me, it looks like the adapter going to the copper pipe broke rather than the tubing failing. The photo with two worm drive hose clamps looks like a carriage bolt plugging the end of the tube. I assume that your homeowners insurance will cover the water damage. You might try contacting the manufacture of Kitec to see if they know someone in your area that can evaluate your piping and perform the repair. I think Ipex makes Kitec . I guess you could contact an attorney if you think that the home warranty company is renigging. I know this must be a very frustrating time for you. But, the previous homeowners may not been aware of any problems. People paint and remodel for many reasons. It does not sound like you have uncovered any signs of previous water damage.
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    Kitec Recall

    Kitec had a recall in 2005 because of leaks at the fittings. It was their PEX-AL-PEX product (pex, aluminum, pex). The leaks were caused by bimetallic corrosion that would be brought on by expansion and contraction of the tubing rubbing against the brass fitting. The inside layer of pex would wear away and expose the aluminum. Aluminum and brass in contact would leak pretty quickly.

    Sometime later, some bubba saw this leak and added a hose clamp to stop it. If the hose clamp was installed during original installation then the plumber was most likely not certified by the manufacturer or is an idiot or both.

    PEX is easy to install but rules have to be followed. The water valves have to be supported if they are subject to weight, like a hose bib on the side of your house. Water stop valves on toilets and sinks are usually not subject to weight problems, yanking and constant on and off of the valve handle so leaving them unsupported is OK. Would I want a clamp on the short brass stub on the stop valve? You bet, as a nice to have.

    I am dealing right now with a manufacturer certified plumber that thinks kinks are OK as long as it is in PEX-AL-PEX. He thinks the aluminum protects the pipe. The purpose of the aluminium is to stop O2 migration through the pipe wall, the secondary benefit is it lays straight and has a slightly smaller bend radius And that is it!

    Its a dangerous world out there.
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    Sorry for the long delay again. Ok. I spoke to a plumber that I was referred to by the homeowners insurance adjuster (not the warranty company just to be clear). The plumber also stated that Kitec is still in business, just like you guys stated. He also stated that it is repairable.

    The clamp you see on the pipe was rigged by me. I stuffed a bolt covered in teflon down in there, and clamped it down using the metal clamps so I can turn the water back on in the rest of the house.

    I just looked at a piece of the plumbing and it is Pex-aluminum-Pex plumbing. There is a thin layer of aluminum in between the Pex.

    Now this is really pissing me off because someone could have fixed this and I would have been able to get the repairs on the house started. I will contact the warranty company tomorrow and see what they say. Shouldn't there be some sort of compensation for all the crap that I have to go through? I had to live without water in the house for 2 weeks all the while the toilets smelled like an outhouse, and showers had to be taken at a friends place. It's just ridiculous.
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    I have never heard of anyone receiving damages, in a case like yours, for aggravation.
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    I would just pick the friend I shower with more carefully...
  6. complain to the insurance company

    the peopel that were sent out are idiots and oron drugs...

    they probably collected the $100 deductabe from you too...

    they fed you a line of shit probably because they dont know how to

    repair kitech in the first place...

    call and get another plumber to come out there from the place....

    call the place and ask for a manager in charge and tell them

    your long story and you want a second opinion.
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    This is why I will never pay for a home warranty myself. AES keeps trying to get me to get set up, but I refuse. Why? Because if you read the fine print, they clearly state that they do not have to make things right for you, if they so choose. This escape clause is standard for just about any extended type warranty that you may purchase for any product. They could either refund you the money you paid, or they could offer you an amount much less than retail. These people are snakes.
  8. life is so unjust...

    I work for a number of home warranty comapnies....

    what they warranty for $395 per year is wear and tear...

    we have generally found that they keep their word

    and make repairs or change out heaters and plumbing

    other problems one problem at at time.......

    we change out a lot of heaters and disposals for a
    $100 deductable....

    hvac people make repairs and change out AC uint
    all summmer long....

    Most people dont complain when you change out their leaking 50 gallon gas power vent heater ($1200) for only $100. Thats a pretty good deal......

    if you read the fine print it is wise to be in the house for at least 30 days before makeing a claim........

    Its hard to believe but I have actually had people call me BEFORE they have ever moved into their used house and expected me to re-model the whole place for them cause they got this insurance!!

    they get totally irate when I expalin to them what they

    no they wont re-build your home from scratch...
    even if it is falling down

    for $395.

    its only common sense folks....

    you arent gonna get something for nothing.....

    this fellow with the Kitec really does not have much of a problem at all

    all he has to do it raise some hell
    with the place and get another plumber out there
    and the problem can be solved in 5 minutes....

    or he can forgoe the waranty company and
    call anyone in town and pay about $150

    and have the damn thing repaired tomorrow

    if he has been without water for two weeks
    and hasnt raised holy hell its no ones fault but his

    no body is gonna take up this fight for him

    and the only compensation or satisfaction he can hope for
    is to get the plumber that came out fired from the warranty copmpany
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  9. Don't tell me you work for AHS. They've called me numerous times and I'm the capital one commercial, the answer is always NO.
  10. Dont know??

    I work for a whole lot of them

    Cross country home services is the best one....

    and its no big deal to me......been with them 15 years

    they have a hard time finding honest plumbers.....
    and once they know you arent going to bend them over
    and slam it to them you do quite a lot of work....

    usually most problems are covered by the $100 deductble

    I go out all the time for $100.....service call....

    usually when a disposal happens I get about $220 for one

    customer pays 100 they pay 120.......

    water heaters the same way.....

    I get about 3 to 10 calls a week directly from their customer

    and I have been doing it for so long that no questions are asked

    when i call in my bills.....

    paperwork can be a problem sometimes....

    they presently owe me about 6 k and I am waiting for
    the check.....

    the check always eventually arrives and its never bounced yet....

    its all good.....
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  11. I'd say that it is great for any company trying to make baseline income but AHS and that 2-10 home warranty company is notorious for excluding what normal occurrences are.

    I used to work for a company that did all American Home Shield. I can't sit and trade phone calls back and forth to the company in the customer's home for like seems an eternity and catch what falls through the cracks.

    It might make a buck but I love my customer base and it keeps growing all based on repeat business and word of mouth. Of course I keep my internet ties and other methods running as well but I don't need another company orchestrating my calls. AHS will make you think you have no life other than their customer base.....and you can't say no to thier customers; you have to "do em all" or you don't get the gravy.

    If you have a company with numerous employees then it is worth it if you have patience to deal with it all. I'm running solo so I can't be committed to one avenue of customers. I have to keep that repeat customer happy for as long as I can.

    AHS makes their rounds through the companies here in my area; all the plumbers walk away from them eventually with hair loss, having to take prozac.
  12. running solo

    we basically do he work cause its there....

    no advertiseing $$ needed to get it and they call me....

    its not too much of a hassell and the calls seem to come

    in when we are slow , so its a convienant arrangement

    Now if I was running totally solo I would probably not be doing half

    the work I presently do......just to pay the idiots

    I have working for me...
  13. JohnyChevyEG

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    While I totally would agree that 400 bucks a year to ensure that all issues would be corrected seems like a decent price, I feel in the long run, for most people, it's not a good option. This company is in it for the money. You probably dont hear about the many times that AHS does not cover things as advertised. I personally know someone who had insane HVAC issue, that should have been covered, but wasn't. The guy had AHS for about 6 months in a 5 year old house that he purchased. The system failed, and AHS refused to fix the issue. They told him they would refund him the warranty premium and that it was well within their rights to do so. He got his money back, but any company that doesn't stand by what they advertise, is not doing something right. There are many reviews on the net, related to issues like that, and AHS finding excuses not to cover repairs.
  14. insurance companies

    i work for cross country home services....

    american home serivces I am not sure of.....

    In my opinion , the policy can sell a house for you

    and either way most of them are better

    than nothign what so ever.....

    got my check in the mail today for 5300.... whew....
  15. awryone

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    Here's a site that has information about a class action lawsuit against Kitec filed in Las Vegas, Nevada: They posted pictures of cut-away views of the affected fittings.
  16. Cass

    Cass Plumber

    Well.... I don't use the aluminum type pipe for water lines. It will be interesting to see wheat the cause was when the courts are fininshed. There seems to be nothing between KITEC and brass but between the brass and copper. The claim is to much zink in the brass reacting with the copper causing the problem. Maybe a bad batch from China.
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  17. juniper

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    looking into the above link, but it does not work ?????

    is this a real lawsuit ???
  18. It was last week. Go to any search engine and copy/paste that URL.

    More than likely it was cached and you'll be able to view the info on that link.


    Apparently it has been "wiped clean" it looks. :disgusted:
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    Kitec Piping

    That piece of tubing in the pics you uploaded to us, look like it has been sqeezed with a pair of slip joint pliers (Channel Locks) and thereby damaged to where it would eventually leak. I doubt the installing plumber did this, but could be... actually it looks like some one tried using the pliers to hold back up when trying to tighten the nut showing in the first pic. The former owner may be liable for this damage.:mad:

    Good Luck,
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