"I Love to Watch You Play" - Six Little Words We All Should Say Today

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    This morning I have spend my time blogging, posting and getting ready for the day at hand. It's easy to loose sight of what is important and upon reflection of the past weekends soccer tournament I realize I never told the girls on my team that "I loved watching them play". Funny how the simple things in life can make such a change on a young person.

    If you coach soccer like me. Or Hockey. Baseball or Dance please take the time to read this article below.

    If your a parent. Take the article to heart.

    I'm glad my wife send me this link. It added balance in an otherwise unbalanced and negative morning.

    Have a read. You will feel better. Smile. And if your like me (a softy at heart) this article will for sure choke you up…

    "6 Words You Should Say Today" - by Rachel Macy Stafford
  2. Terry

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    I have always told my kids. "I like watching you play."
    Sometimes they would ask me how they did. That sounds like a chance to critique the game. But really, does anyone want to hear what they did wrong after playing a "game" that's meant to be fun?
    I found after a few mistrials, that saying that I liked watching them play, put a smile on their face. They would relax and off we would go to the next thing on our agenda.
    My daughter was real tough on herself when she was young. It was important to me, that I took pressure off, and let it be a game. She continued on to play three sports in high school. She went to the final 16 in the State Playoffs four times in three sports.

    She still plays softball today and flies around the country to do that. I play softball with my son James, a team of 30 somethings. Yeah, they still let a guy in his 60's play with them. It's my job to joke around with the other team so that the games don't get so serious.

    If you're a parent, or a husband, it's so easy. Just say you love watching them play. They will love you for that. :)
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  3. johnfrwhipple

    johnfrwhipple I love these ACO Shower Drains - Best in Class

    North Vancouver, BC
    Thanks Terry.

    I had a word with our whole team last night and made a big point about letting the girls know how much their coaches love watching them play the sport we all love. I'm going to do a better job of letting them know - and find another way of being a hard ass to push them at the same time.

    It is so true. I love watching the game. Watching their development. Beats the shit out of building showers every day!!!
  4. johnfrwhipple

    johnfrwhipple I love these ACO Shower Drains - Best in Class

    North Vancouver, BC
    Lately I have been in a pissy mood. I'm not sure if it's just my interaction with Jim or life in general but last night I think I figured it out. A shear lack of soccer practice. Since the season wrapped up the girls have gone through a couple of days of try outs and have been shuffled into skill sets (Gold One, Gold Two & House). As a proud father and soccer coach I'm please that over half our girls U11 team made select level. My daughter tier one (Gold One Select).

    Last weekend we had a tournament with her Academy class and it was a joy to watch but felt different being on the sidelines holding a flag (I volunteered to watch the sidelines) instead of being on the sidelines coaching the girls. I took my daughter out last night for a bonus practice and it felt great to lace up the turf shoes and kick the ball around. We ran some drills, played some 1v1 and just hung out. As it turned out my daughter learned last night her music teacher still plays competitive soccer. Her teacher playing on the same field we where practicing on.

    As a coach I need to drill my girl on both her strong side and weak side of the game. As a father I like to just watch and cheer her on. Finding the balance is hard. I'm worried about over training her. Coaching to much. Putting to many thoughts in her head. Last night I played. I laughed. And I ran drills to improve her weakness but never told her that was what I was doing.

    This is I think the best lesson I learned coaching under our girls head coach Michelle. Pick drills that help - but not showcase the girls flaws. Last night we ran all cutting drills to the left. I could have balanced out the drills but instead last night was a left side practice. Not once did I tell my girl she was weak at faking right cutting left (with the left) but instead we did 90 minutes of drills all designed to push her left.

    It was fun to see her improve. To figure it out.

    As a boss I can be intense - not the best manager of people. I wish I could apply my coaching style to my work style. But in this business you don't get second chances to build a leak free shower. There is no room for error.

    Anyone here read any good self help books on coaching your own kids at sports? My goal this year is to transition from an assistant coach to a cheering father. The transition will be harder on me I'm sure than my daughter. This withdrawal from soccer I think is what has been making me so pissy. Today I feel great. Legs are sore. I have a headache from headers. But my back is loose. I slept like a rock. And my daughter's fake is looking more and more like Messi's.....
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