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  1. Bounced checks, how does everyone deal with them.

    I got my second one today over a span of 4 years which is really good IMO.

    It's under $100.....already talked to the husband who's name is on the check telling them the check bounced and I want CASH in my hands within 24 hours dropped off at the shop.

    I got many options on this matter and passing a bad check is theft by deception......something the copy of the check and the county sheriff have a mutual understanding with 3 knocks at the front door.

    I'm an understanding fellow to within reason with people that have hardships. Avoid me though and not pay your bills and I'm worse than being told you got worms! viking.gif
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  2. bounced checks....

    the best thing to do is just give it over to a
    collection agencey or some plae like this and they will go after them usually for a fee of about 30%

    anyway, sometimes its about best to just let it
    go if its under 100 bucks...

    a lot of places hang the check in public view for all to see
  3. GrumpyPlumber

    GrumpyPlumber Licensed Grump

    Licensed Grump

    Ooooh I hate that, especially when it's a small one.
    Usually a surcharge of $25-$50 is tacked on for your trouble, BUT, personally I don't.
    If you use discretion...quietly breach the embarrassing topic tactfully, they pay up no questions asked.
    If it weren't for my overdraft protection, I'd bounce checks it's understandable.
    Turns out to be a good way to make a good longterm impression on them if you're not automatically adverse with them.
    You are lucky, I've had two in just the last year...both paid immediately and were very embarrassed.
  4. FWIW, here are a couple ideas that may work, and i haven't seen much mention of these ideas anywhere.

    When the check is returned to you, it is still good. It is "good" in the sense that it hasn't been destroyed. I have taken checks to banks and gotten money for them, after they were returned to me once. I just acted like it was my first time. I went to the guy's bank. Sometimes, I have opened an account there since the bank didn't want to give me cash. Other times, I have paid a minor fee to have it certified, so that later I could deposit it at my bank (as a certified check). You are allowed to certify checks. Sometimes, when the account balance was real close to the needed amount, I deposited money into the guy's account first. Technically, it may not be permisible for a bank employee to allow you to deposit money into someone else's account.

  5. Gary Swart

    Gary Swart In the Trades

    Yakima WA
    It seems to me that the person should be given an opportunity to make the check good, including the bank charge, before turning it over for collection. I'm not suggesting giving the person a length time to do this, but why give up 30% if you don't have to.
  6. I sounded extremely stern in the phone conversation to imply seriousness, not casualness.

    If the wife calls tomorrow with a heartbreak story why she can't come up with the dough tomorrow I'll give her till her next paycheck or whatever seems "reasonable" for them to anti up.

    I know people struggle these days with costs incurred and I would of gladly held the check a few days before depositing if funds were going to not be in there.

    If this whole situation goes will x-nay any chances of ever trusting a renter to be financially responsible. Rental properties I avoid like the plague for the reasons above.
  7. GrumpyPlumber

    GrumpyPlumber Licensed Grump

    Licensed Grump
    You don't mean the renter ya?
  8. Cookie

    Cookie .

    Sorry Rugged, but nothing can be compared to being told you got the big C. I have heard that sentence 5 times in as little as 9 years, trust me on this one. It makes me go weak in my knees. I would rather get so many bad checks I could wallpaper my house with it than hear those dreaded words, ever again.

    There is one solution to the check problem. You could easily call their bank, give the necessary information and they have to tell you if enough of funds are there to cover it---right then and there. Hustle going to the bank before anything else hits it first. Or another solution is to tell them in advance the check has to be certified.
  9. Yes. The contingency that it "was approved through the referral and permission of the property owner" to make the necessary repairs to get the water back on at the property.

    The tenant tried to install their water feed to the fridge and between high pressure and not knowing how to work with the fittings he had, couldn't get it to stop leaking.

    15 minutes and a supply line on a saturday afternoon less than 1 mile from the shop, $91 and off I go. I did explain the seriousness of high water pressure they had and that plastic water line feeding the fridge was risky at best.

    Bad play on words on my part, especially after losing someone close to that. I'm determined though to not let this one go by. But if someone "truly" had serious financial troubles and hardship was tremendous on the customer, I'd settle for half or a third of the charge. I'm already leerie of credit union checks and this one does have a phone number on it. If they avoid and become deceptive, game on. secruity.gif
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  10. Cass

    Cass Plumber

    Here is what I do.

    I figure no amount of threats on my part is going change someones mind about not paying if there intention from the start was to never pay.

    Writing a bad check is a crime but I know that the prosecutor wont bring charges unless I can prove he intended to rip me off from the start.

    Proving that means I must show intent which is very difficult. Court and even small claims is not an option.

    I tell them that there is a bounced check fee of $50.00 so the amt. due is now $150.00. I tell them they have 30 days to pay and then I will go to the sheriffs office and have them file charges against them.

    "This is just motivational encouragement on my part"

    I then just go about my buisness and may make 1 phone call a week just to "see how thing are going".

    Other than that I don't stress about it and if it never gets paid oh well.

    Geniescience had a good idea about waiting till the $$$ was in their bank to deposit it again. The checks go through over night now so that may be a way to go if they don't bring you the $$$$.
  11. small potatoz

    I called the credit union it was drawn on and the teller said, "absolutely the funds are not available for the amount of your check written" and I left it at that.

    This is why I like service so much; always dealing with small numbers, never big ones.
  12. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    In 21 years I've only had 4-5 bounced checks. My bank would call me with the news.

    I recovered every penny by calling the people and politely saying I was embarrassed to tell them their check bounced, "maybe you don't know it yet so I though I'd call you", and could they please deposit enough to cover it in the next few days or so. If they didn't tell me to resubmit in the next few days, then I asked when they would make a deposit and please let me know when to resubmit the check for payment. If I didn't hear from them on time, then I called again as a 'friendly' reminder and THEN mentioned repercussions that I didn't want to go through so how about a payment plan?

    I don't think I had to wait more than a week or ten days in most cases.

    Someone always said you get farther with honey than vinegar... and to make ASSUMPTIONS that someone intentionally set out to rip you off and get ********.... and pull out all the big guns the first contact is simply wrong headed and dumb IMO. Do you really want to go to court etc.? I didn't, so I did all I could to help them pay me! And you can always write off bad debt and deduct the expenses of the job anyway.
  13. GrumpyPlumber

    GrumpyPlumber Licensed Grump

    Licensed Grump
    Bottom line, there's always the mechanics lien (UCC)'s an ugly long process, but in the end you're reimbused for the original amount plus time, administrative as well.
  14. bounced checks....

    Small losses are the best kind.....
    sometimes you cant take the time to even
    pursue them like you should.

    My two worst
    I got two laying in my files right now

    one for 675. and another for 650,
    perhaps one or two others
    for 100 bucks... going back over ten years or so...

    these two fellows closed their bank accounts,
    and did everything to avoid my collection attempts....

    they have no intention of paying that bill...

    the best thing you can do if you have a fellow that keeps
    that checking account open is just to bide your time and go to their bank every few weeks,
    probably best to do it on Fridays,
    or on the 10th of each month whenever you think that they
    might be getting paid......

    all you got to do is aks the teller if funds are available.....

    if they are, then they will accept that bounced check......

    and in the back of your mind you know that this will cause a "domino affect" for that fellow when other checks start to bounce.....

    and odds are he will call you crying and whineing .
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  15. Cookie

    Cookie .

    That NSF personal check is good for 2 years. A suggestion. Make sure they did not stop payment on it after it bounced.

    Mark, in most companies the paydays are the 15th--if it falls on a weekend, then the 13th; and then the last business working day of the month. Mind you, that most people have direct deposit. In that event their pay will be there after midnight the day before. That is one of the incentives of direct deposit. No more going to the bank on your lunch hour.
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  16. It's all educational at this point

    I just came back from the bank and they gave the exact same sentiments.

    Also, if the issuer of the check puts a stop payment on the check, after 6 months that check can be ran through again/deposited as you have to issue another stop payment to keep it in that status.

    A non-threatening letter is going out to them by friday by certified mail stating the situation/copy of the bounced check and that fees have accrued on the matter.

    Communication on their end is what will either make this a pleasant or uncomfortable situation for them, not me.
  17. tjbaudio

    tjbaudio Sound and Light Suppervisor for a School District

    One thing to keep in mind. If the check bounces once you only have one more shot to resubmit it. After that the bank will not honer it and you may or may not be able to use other collection methods. If it bounces once then keep calling the bank asking about funds avalible. If they are then go to the bank the check is drawn on and collect the cash in person. The bank CAN NOT force you to oppen an account just to recieve cash for a check drawn on there bank. You also do not have to pretend you dont know it was NF in the first place. They have an obligation to pay if the funds are in the account. You can pursue other collection methods but keep the check valid by not resubmiting it to your bank.
  18. hj

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    Cave Creek, Arizona

    if the check is made out to a company, then the bank will not cash it, but will issue a certified check made out to the original payee. This is to prevent employees from cashing customer's checks and pocketing the money.
  19. No call, no show

    So you all are saying "if" I keep checking to see if that checking account has available funds that I can take that check back to the issuing bank, and they will honor it even though it shows NSF on the check itself?

    I never get checks to me personally, just my business.

    OR are you saying they'll cut a new check to my company that is certified and guaranteed payment?
  20. tjbaudio

    tjbaudio Sound and Light Suppervisor for a School District

    Yes and yes. My understanding is that the second time it is NSF it gets voided. This alos has some thing to do with how banks interact. That is why you need to do it your self. I had forgotten about the check to a biz, in that case they would make a certified check. Just make sure the check referers to the bank not to the person who bounced you in the first place.
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