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I have an older Weil McLain natural gas boiler heating hot water radiators. It is a CGM-6-PI Series 8 (CP1453423). Back in 2015 I had to replace the gas valve for a no-start issue. It was fine until, January this year. I was losing heat in the middle of the night. Pilot would light, then burners would ignite, and after a second or two shut down. Flame height and intensity were what they should be. I tested a bad relay so I replaced the transformer/relay panel. This lasted for three months until I started having a very similar problem this week. Same symptoms except when I remove the front cover and the smaller access panel (that rests on the burners) the burners stay lit. If I restore the access panel and front cover, the burners will stay lit until they cycle off when the thermostat reaches temperature. The next time there is a call for heat I get the same start up and immediate shut down.

What am I missing? If the relay is bad again, would removing the access panel effect ignition? I am using two identical Honeywell smart thermostats. No strange noises when the call for heat comes down and the pilot/burners ignite. Circulator pumps keep running with the call for heat even after the pilot/burners shut down (and no heat has been provided).
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