Water Heater/Boiler and adding a water filtration/softener

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First and foremost, I would like to say that the wealth of information on this forum is both amazing and overwhelming. I was not sure which category to put this under so please move to the appropriate forum.

We have been renovating our house for years now. We are now finally done with everything but the water system. In the past ten years, we have gone through 2 hot water boilers. One of which actually cracked in about 5/6 years of use flooding our finished basement only to raise questions of why? I have started seeing corrosion and rust forming on the current tank along with on some of the fittings. I have been trying to educate myself as much as I can with the help of this forum.

To be honest, I am very confused. The more I read the more question arise.

-The house has 2 and a half bathrooms and a laundry room. The master (first) bathroom has a jacuzzi tub along with a multiway shower and rain can. The second bathroom has a multi setup as well for a rain can and body jets. The half bathroom is just a toilet and hand sink.

-baseboard heating

-approximately 2000 square feet (basement, 1st floor, 2nd floor, finished attic)

-Bergen County New Jersey

-5/6 occupants for the most part

-3/4” Pex main water inlet

-all Pex piping throughout the house

-watts recirculation pump (analog)

-natural gas

Current setup – 50-gallon water heater and a very old cast iron boiler for the baseboard heating with 5 zones.

We plan on keeping this house indefinitely so I would like the best equipment for the job but definitely not the most expensive.


-Traditional water heater or tankless? Space isn’t an issue. There is a current chimney vent but venting outside shouldn’t be a problem.

-Boiler for the baseboard heating? I see there are tankless options for this as well?

-Would like to do a whole house filtration system along with a water softener system. I have been seeing genesis pop up a lot but now after reading a lot of threads, I see Fleck and Clack as highly recommended. I got a copy of the report from the water company which I will attach but it is as if I am reading a different language. I also did a test strip for water hardness and it came up as 14 dHG, 15 gpg, 250 ppm

Do not want to compromise any water pressure and would like to minimize maintenance as much as possible. I tried to be as detailed as I could. I want to gather all the equipment and understand how everything should be installed before reaching out to a plumber. In my experience, I would rather be educated on the subject at hand vs relying on people coming in to sell stuff.

Thank you in advance for all of your help. I apologize if some or all of this has been discussed. I would like to customize a full system with up to date components. I will be out of town for a few days will check back after.

Link to the water report:
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