Very low salt usage. Is it working correctly?

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  1. DougDoingRemodel

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    About 5 weeks ago I purchased, installed, and programmed a water softener by myself. I got it from an online retailer. It's a 24k unit, Fleck 5600SXT valve, SST-60 resin, and I put Morton "rust remover" salt in the brine tank. I have it programmed to remove 9gpg of hardness and 5mg/l of iron, which is what my water was tested at.

    After installing it I let the water run until the brown coloring was out of it. I took a shower, and it's wonderfully soft. It now has regenerated three times since I've installed it. No problems with the water - still feels great, no iron staining anywhere, and the water heater isn't "pinging" anymore. Very happy.

    This is my first water softener. So I have no idea how much salt they're supposed to use. After I initially filled the brine tank with water and salt I marked the level of the salt. It's an 11x11 brine tank because of space limitations. The salt level has gone down just a couple of inches.

    Does this sound like normal salt usage? Maybe I'm worrying about nothing, but it just seems very low compared to what I've heard from others and I want to be sure that everything is working correctly.

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    Depending on the system, settings, water hardness and the number of people in the house using water as to the salt used within a month.

    There are some that use 9lbs every day and then there are ones that might clean every 10 days...

    Not knowing what your hardness and iron level is nor number of people nor the capacity that you programed in along with the salt setting... but it is possible that in a month to use only 18lbs of salt.
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  4. DonL

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    That sounds about normal. You can buy a hardness test kit and test the hardness level yourself.
    Then you always know what you have.

    Have a great day.

    Indiana is wonderful.

  5. Gary Slusser

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    Aug 31, 2004
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    If the water is soft and free of iron, you can bet the softener is using salt. Just more or less than other softeners because they are not the same size or programmed exactly the same.
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