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Hey Guys, I'm working on replumbing a kitchen and adding fixtures to an adjacent room. I'm hoping for some guidance here. I'm in Colorado, so on IPC.

The existing kitchen sink was right below the window in the picture. I also want to add a laundry tub directly across from the kitchen sink, though that can be slid left or right. The dishwasher will be immediately left of the sink. The existing clothes washer is on the other side of the wall (you can see the current hookup box).

My plan is to move the washer box to the left in the picture and move the stud that's in the way. It's too much in one stud bay for a washer hookup, 2" vent and electrical box. I'm having a hard time figuring out where to run drains and vents, especially because the existing plumbing doesn't meet code. The area under the kitchen is crawl space, so I'm not worried about where the drains come down.

I see a few possible options.
1. This is what's marked up in the picture. Hookup the kitchen and laundry sinks with a double fixture tee. Run the drain for these fixtures directly down to the crawl space. Run the vent as high as possible below the window (this is definitely below the required 6" above the flood level). Run the clothes washer drain down where it's p trap is. Connect the washer vent and sink vents in a vent stack, hopefully 6" above the sink flood levels but that may not be possible.
2. Run 2 separate 1 1/2" trap lines from the kitchen sink and laundry tub to the vent stack for the washer. I would have to keep trap arms to 6' max for 1 1/2. This is a bunch of holes in a triple stud.
3. Run washer drain and vent left of the window and run the kitchen sink and laundry tub drains and vents to the right of the window. This would necessitate an additional roofing penetration that I'd like to avoid.
4. Maybe this is a great time for studor vents. Would need to check with the building department, but I don't know if I trust AAVs.

Bear with the current state of the plumbing. I see quite a few studs missing or notched beyond belief. Can't believe this passed inspection previously, but the house was built in 1951.


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