Tying a new waste stack into existing system--your thoughts

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    May 21, 2019
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    Greetings. This is my first post but I’ve been soaking in a lot of knowledge from this forum for some time now!

    As part of an addition, I’m looking to tie a new waste stack into my existing system very close to where it exits my house. The existing stack is on the exact opposite corner of the house, so tying in there would be trickier and less efficient (considering it would double back across the house to exit to the sewer).

    To be very clear: all of my work will be permitted and inspected, so I’m not looking for anything that would constitute a hack or prohibited short cut. I’m under the 2015 NSPC as far as codes go.

    My proposed location for joining is an existing cleanout at the furthest downstream location of my system before it exits the house. The cleanout appears to be a wye on its back rolled off the vertical enough to avoid the adjacent water service (don’t ask—the house is 100 years old). I plan on measuring the angles more specifically, but it doesn’t look like it’s rolled all the way to a 45, which should nicely complicate getting this whole thing plumb.

    I plan on using a Fernco fitting to transition from the cast iron wye to PVC. Through the appropriate fittings, I will get the new pipe to vertical and add a new cleanout to comply with 2015 NSPC 5.4.8(b): “If a cleanout fitting or cleanout plug opening is removed from a drainage pattern fitting in order to extend the drain, another cleanout of equal access and capacity shall be provided in the same location.”

    I will build up the stack from that new location and vent through the roof, etc.

    I've attached a picture so you can get a sense of things. To give you a little perspective as to the angle of the wye, the metal broom handle in the photo is oriented in the direction of the sewer pipe as it exits the house.

    Does anyone see a problem with this approach? Many thanks for your time.


    OLD TIMER Member

    May 18, 2019
    45 up, pup piece, clean out, strait up.
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