Toto wall-hung toilets

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For Toto WT172M there seems to be only 6 compatible toto bowls: RP, SP, AP, EP, MH and MH Connect+ (T20)

But have anyone tried using Toto wall carrier with non-Toto bowl? Does it even make sense? I saw Geberit chart which shows the same Geberit carriers compatible with both, but I am wondering it it is silly to pair Duravit D-neo with Toto in-wall carrier? I already have the carrier, but Duravit bowl is half the price of Toto bowls in stores around me and looks a little nicer.

This is for the small half bath off the entrance, not for the main bathroom. not planning a washlet for this one.

I understand these are wash-down models, so as long as both are 1.28 it seems as if it should work? But am I asking for trouble/too much work for the plumber by doing it? Or are duravit bowls just that much worse than Toto?

Would appreciate your views.


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You can use ANY two bolt wall mount bowl from any mfr. They all have the same wall connection as standardized.
Duravit bowls are excellent. Avoid off brands with funny names, like on Mayfair, but that is just prejudice and not based on experience.
The flush trim plates ARE specific to each mfr. You have to stay with matching frame and trim.
Also, ONLY use two by six framing style, avoid two by four...way to tight for servicing.
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