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Ok, one would think a toilet seat is a toilet seat. Apparently not. Toto recommended the SS114 as being preferred over the one that comes with the MS776124 toilet, the standard one is the SS124.

Now reading reviews people complain about the 114 shifting and moving. Cleaning is also issues. Can you recommend a "perfect" seat. I do not want to raise the height of the toilet any more than necessary and I don't want one that is tilted forward. I have always enjoyed the American Std wood ones. I just replaced one of these with a plastic Kohler which I do not like, it squeaks and makes noise. Bet it breakes soon. But, it has a straight cover in the back between the hinges which makes cleaning a lot easier.

Terry, your input is needed. Why is everything so dang complicated?
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OK.. The toilet in question is a Washlet ready Toto Drake. It has a hole for the hose and electrical cord to pass through the bowl and be less noticable. The seat that comes with that toilet set covers that hole while the other that you listed does not.

Toto Drake T40.JPG

SS124 to cover the hole for the Connect Washlet.
SS114 doesn't cover the hole.
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