The Best and Worst Jobs for 2011

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    The Best Jobs for 2011

    1. Software Engineer:

    Researches, designs, develops and maintains software systems along with hardware development for medical, scientific and industrial purposes.

    Overall Score: 60

    Work Environment: 150

    Physical Demands: 5

    Stress: 10.4

    Median Income: $87,140

    Hiring Outlook: 27.4

    2. Mathematician:

    Applies mathematical theories and formulas to teach or solve problems in a business, educational or industrial environment.

    Overall Score: 73

    Work Environment: 89.72

    Physical Demands: 3.97

    Stress: 12.78

    Median Income: $94,178

    Hiring Outlook: 19.78

    3. Actuary:

    Interprets statistics to determine the probabilities of accidents, sickness, death and loss of property from theft and natural disasters.

    Overall Score: 123

    Work Environment: 179.44

    Physical Demands: 3.97

    Stress: 16.04

    Median Income: $87,204

    Hiring Outlook: 17.04

    4. Statistician:

    Tabulates, analyzes and interprets the numeric results of experiments and surveys.

    Overall Score: 129

    Work Environment: 89.52

    Physical Demands: 3.95

    Stress: 14.08

    Median Income: $73,208

    Hiring Outlook: 11.08

    5. Computer Systems Analyst:

    Plans and develops computer systems for businesses and scientific institutions.

    Overall Score: 147

    Work Environment: 90.78

    Physical Demands: 5.08

    Stress: 16.53

    Median Income: $77,153

    Hiring Outlook: 15.53

    The Worst Jobs for 2011

    1. Roustabout:

    Performs routine physical labor and maintenance on oil rigs and pipelines, both onshore and off.

    Overall Score: 892

    Work Environment: 892

    Physical Demands: 36.89

    Stress: 26.43

    Median Income: $32,143

    Hiring Outlook: -19.57

    2. Ironworker:

    Raises the steel framework of buildings, bridges and other structures.

    Overall Score: 887

    Work Environment: 1,593.72

    Physical Demands: 36.85

    Stress: 31.270

    Median Income: $34,127

    Hiring Outlook: -12.73

    3. Lumberjack:

    Fells, cuts and transports timber to be processed into lumber, paper and other wood products.

    Overall Score: 868

    Work Environment: 1817.53

    Physical Demands: 38.87

    Stress: 40.09

    Median Income: $32,109

    Hiring Outlook: 0.09

    4. Roofer:

    Installs roofs on new buildings, performs repairs on old roofs and re-roofs old buildings.

    Overall Score: 863

    Work Environment: 1,481.2

    Physical Demands: 33.46

    Stress: 30.68

    Median Income: $34,168

    Hiring Outlook: -9.32

    5. Taxi Driver:

    Operates a taxicab over the streets and roads of a municipality, picking up and dropping off passengers upon request.

    Overall Score: 821

    Work Environment: 2,317.21

    Physical Demands: 14.46

    Stress: 46.27

    Median Income: $21,127

    Hiring Outlook: 5.27
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