Supreme tankless heater may be dead/dying

Discussion in 'Tankless Water Heater Forum' started by jed1154, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. jed1154

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    Feb 11, 2008
    This thing was installed in 1999 I think. Anyway, it finally gave up the ghost. I don't have gas, so I have to replace this with an electric hot water.

    I found the company but only sales on ****. My other one that was just like it went out last year and was replaced with home warranty with a Seisco RA-14 and my thirs unit in my master bath was replaced with a Bosch AE115 I think.

    1.) What is the 'best' electronic tankless available?

    Of home warranty ran out two years ago and we opted to not renew hoping I could milk a few years out of this one before jumping back on.

    I have three tankless heaters in my house. The house is essentially broken into segments each using a large 'point of use' heater. This way, I always have one shower with hot water. This one happens to service the kitchen and guest bath...which sucks.

    The unit is a 14kw unit. It has three chambers or elements. WHen the hot water comes on, the little red light on the circuit board flashes like its working, but NONE of the elements get hot.

    I reset the unit's push button resets and it started working....then it tripped later today, so I reset it. Then it worked for 30 seconds and starting buzzing like it was boiling water or something, then it started burning off something that smelled like it was burning and thats when I killed the breaker.

    The unit is a Supreme Tankless Hot Water unit. They don't seem to have a functional website but I can buy this unit and others that they sell brand new on **** for 270 bucks or so. The beauty of this is that I can swap it out myself and not replumb anything.

    I am leaning toward getting the same unit or an equivalent one so that I don't have to replumb, just swap.

    The service available is dual pole 50A breaker on a 6ga two conductor wire with ground.

    This is what I have for the other three heaters, but I am no clue how the plumber hooked it up since the installation for those says its requires two sets of wires...either way, they work and I don't care about those right this second.

    The unit that is out services a guest bath (full), the kitchen sink and the dishwasher. I think 3gpm is more than adequate for this. The shower and dishwasher are rarely run at the same time, but when they are, even with the kitchen sink too, the current model handles it easily.
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  2. jed1154

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    Feb 11, 2008
    I am going to replace it with the same unit and hopefully not have to mess with plumbing. The wiring is a touch undersized, and thus, so is the breaker, but the old one had the same wiring requirements as the new one so it should work just the same. They tell me that it is a 15kw unit, and you likely won't get anywhere near that kind of draw with it since you won't really ever exceed 3gpm, probably not even that considering hot water is usually mixed with, keep your fingers crossed. If its too beefy for my wiring, then I will have to run 6ga parallel to my 8ga and replace the breaker with a 60A. Not wanting to do that.
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  4. supremetankless

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    Sep 13, 2011
    Miami, Fl
  5. supreme

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    Jul 27, 2011
    miami,fl 33147
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  6. tazzy1511

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    Nov 5, 2012
    Shenandoah, Pa. 17976
    i bought my tankless heater from supremetankless and it is broke and i can not get anyone to help me with my problem. the unit did not shut off and the PEX tubing 5 foot away bursted and my son almost got burnt for it. i called your company and emailed them for the last 2 and 1 half weeks and still did not get a reply.i had a plumber repair the burst pipe and i am still waiting for someone to get me some help. how would you like to live with no hot water because a company did not own up to there product. i will post on every internet site how your company does not contact or try to help a customer after the product is paid for.

    Charles Welna
    602 Gold Star Hwy.
    Shenandoah, Pa. 17976
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